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  1. HDhead

    Viper workflow and use of magenta filters

    I've only worked with Viper DPX files with the green cast. I am not sure that the magenta filter would improve the noise. In 4:2:2 which is actually not RGB but Y'Cb'Cr the green color has the least amount of noise.
  2. HDhead

    Need tips for transfering 16mm color negative

    It's not that easy. In fact if you manage to get a decent picture transferred with the device you're describing your school should give you a BFA just on the basis of that accomplishment. What you really need is a proper telecine. The question of proper color is very important, but just as...
  3. HDhead

    i think so far we have only one 3D camera made by Panasonic

    There is also at least one digital still stereoscopic camera. I held it in my hands but forgot the brand. It's pretty cool and has an autostereo display on the back so you can see your images without special glasses.
  4. HDhead

    RED L.A. User Group, January 10, 2009

    RED LOS ANGELES USER GROUP January 10th, 2009 9:00am - noon RSVP HERE We're excited to announce that Digital Vision will be sponsoring the breakfast at the January 10th meeting. Digital Vision will be demonstrating RED workflow with Film Master in Kappa's new DI bay. Film Master is one of...
  5. HDhead

    Native Support for RED R3D files in Adobe!

    The plugin is great. We had an opportunity to demo it for our members at RED Los Angeles User Group several months ago.
  6. HDhead

    New Avid finishing system

    It is possible to download a fully functional software-only version of DS with a 45 day license from After 45-days it becomes a "training edition" meaning that you can create and save work but can't output anything. It's a great deal for learning, and even doing a short student...
  7. HDhead

    Maya 8 resolution problem

    That's very odd. Are you using some type of limited demo license software that may preclude you from high res renders? What about rendering a picture sequence at a desired resolution? Typically picture sequences are used more often that Quicktime or AVI video.
  8. HDhead

    Avid and RED

    Avid has just demonstrated their not-yet-available support for RED. To be perfectly clear, people have been doing RED work on Avids but it is a complicated workflow that requires multiple third party applications. The new Avid RED workflow is much more simple and ties together Media Composer...
  9. HDhead

    **Adequate** Editing Computers

    The Mac has an advantage of being able to run windows XP (Vista too, probably) in addition to being a Mac. Avid runs on both, Premiere does the same and FCP runs on Mac only. So you do get more editing software options on a Mac but if you're going that way with a laptop you should get a...
  10. HDhead

    New Avid finishing system

    Avid has just released DS version 10: Why is this powerful (and not cheap) system relevant for student filmmakers? It's a finishing system where your film goes through final technical preparation and color correction. Although rates for DS edit bays can be high...
  11. HDhead

    Final cut vs avid?

    FCP offers kind of flexibility Media Composer doesn't allow. The problem is that you need to know what you're doing or you can really mess yourself up. I get involved several times a month with poorly setup FCP projects that come to the finishing stage all mangled and can not pass QC without a...
  12. HDhead

    Film Editing School

    Video Symphony is quite good. Their instructors are working professionals who can barely find time to teach a class. If you are a California resident you may qualify for reduced tuition through a state sponsored program.
  13. HDhead

    Please: help on my first RED ONE shooting

    That's such a blanket question. Where do I start? Test it, test it, test it before you go to the set. Read the manual. Visit and read up on tips and techniques.
  14. HDhead

    My RED samples

    Very nice. Is this B15 or B16?
  15. HDhead

    RED L.A. User Group Meeting, July 26th

    Of course. There are lots of people who are on the RED waiting list and lots of people who don't own the gear at all.
  16. HDhead

    RED L.A. User Group Meeting, July 26th

    Kappa Studios, Inc. is proud to host the meeting of RED Los Angeles User Group July 26th, 2008 9:00 - 12:00 noon To RSVP for the event please visit: We have a fantastic lineup for you this month and a $580 Video Breakout Box giveaway. Ted Schilowitz...
  17. HDhead

    RED L.A. User Group Meeting, June 14th

    Kappa Studios, Inc. is proud to host the 3rd meeting of RED Los Angeles User Group June 14th, 2008 9:00 - 12:00 noon To RSVP for the event please visit: Come and join your friends at the 3rd RED Los Angeles User Group meeting. This month we're...
  18. HDhead

    Color Correcting Dark Footage in Post

    Try using the FCPROs native color correction. You can also try Color although it's more complicated.
  19. HDhead

    File Compression

    Yes to both questions. You can compress the video to any size it's just that the quality will suffer. How poor the quality will be is difficult to predetermine but it depends on the length and the size (SD or HD) of the video. It also depends on the frame rate. More frames per second will...
  20. HDhead

    The Basics of RED Workflow

    At the last RED L.A. User Group meeting several producers asked me very basic things about the RED post production workflow. There is a bunch of good information at but it's sometimes hard to sift through all the post and make a sense of it all. To help them out I wrote this simple...