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    Autumn view TEST SHOOT samyang T2.2/12mm + lumix G7

    TEST SHOOT | Samyang T2.2/12mm + Samyang T1.5/24mm Made by Lumix G7 + Feiyu tech mg-v2 Own Coloring
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    Synesthesia (2017) | trailer

    Hello! We would like to share with u, our trailer for upcoming film. Please check it out, share it around and give your thoughts! :D
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    APATHY (short movie about social media addiction)

    Apathy is a short video showing the contemporary reliance on social media, insulation and reaching for the loneliness. Our hero is a women surrounded by technology, constantly connected to the network, whose entire existence determines on the basis of the virtual life
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    [short film] THE VIEW 2016

    You never know who's watching you...
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    Free Sony Vegas Coloring

    We are starting to sharing colorings that we used in our movie production to show you how much we appreciate every comment and every amount of support that you guys are giving us. We hope that we can inspire and help young creators like us, and support each other on the very begining on the...
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    Nonentity (2016) Psychology Drama Short movie

    Hello We would love to show u our new short movie. We hope that u'll enjoy it. Tell us what u think about it :cool: Greetings;)