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    Notes of Life-Award Winning Short Film

    A story about Love through Music. Check it out and be sure to pass it around to friends/family :) Twitter:
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    Jack Johnson Better Together Cover

    Be sure to subscribe for more upcoming videos :) We are working on a short film for an international film festival
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    Jack Johnson Better Together Cover

    All of our stuff is on that channel. If you would like to see more in the future make sure you subscribe :)
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    Jack Johnson Better Together Cover

    Yes that is me on the left :)
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    Jack Johnson Better Together Cover

    Hey everyone. Check out this cover video of Jack Johnson's Better Together:
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    Guitar Playing Duo

    Hey everyone. Please tell me what you think about this Midnight Jam. Be sure to check out the other videos if you enjoy this one!
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    D i s c o n n e c t e d

    I really enjoyed this short! Production quality was really good and story reeled in the viewer. The actor who played Martin played exceptionally well. Good work and good luck on future work!
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    Politics - Drama/Action Short

    Hey Everyone. I am the executive producer for the new production group: Wild Goose Chase Productions. We are a student run group looking to create skits and act them out as professionally as possible. We recently released a short called Politics. I would be honored if members of this forum...