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  1. dscarpati


    There might be a thread to unscrew the current photo head you have... but if you're not sure, best to try and find the original manual. Or just do as Kim and kawaki suggested and visit a photo/video store near you to inquire. (y)
  2. dscarpati

    Authoritative new book about the lifestyle of Film/TV Production Assistants (PAs)!

    Hello readers and filmmaker peers, I'm writing this post to share a project that I've been working on for a few years now. It's a nonfiction book all about film/TV production assistants, "Gofers: On the Front Lines of Film and Television!" If you have 90 seconds, I'm sure you'll enjoy this...
  3. dscarpati

    Production Insurance 101

    Very cool--will have to look your company up! Thanks for sharing.