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    Is a Documentary MA worth it?

    Hello everyone. I want to work for a documentary production company, either in the UK or another anglophone country. My background is in history and archaeology. To this end, is it worth doing an MA in Documentary production at a British university? Can the experience I gain from the degree put...
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    Career advice

    Early career documentary maker here. I want to work for a documentary production company in the U.K. I recently took a one-week 'intro to documentary' course with the London Film Academy. Should I follow up this experience with an intermediate-level course, or with an MA in documentary film...
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    Youtube project video editor needed

    Hello everyone! I'm working on a 10 minute Youtube video about the fate of the tomb of Alexander the Great. I'm looking to recruit someone who has experience in video editing, as I lack proficiency in that field. If this is an opportunity that might interest one of you, please let me know.
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    Documentary filmmaking training programs

    Hello everyone. I want to a pursue a career in documentary filmmaking. I'm a historian and an archaeologist by training. To this end, I'm looking for a high-quality documentary filmmaking training programs. I live in London, England. Can one of you recommend a training program in the UK? Price...