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    BTST - Episode 2 - "The Failed Usurper"

    Hello all! Here's the second episode of the series: Plot: Following the assassination of Atwood and the toppling of his clan, audacious rival gangs swoop in to take the top spot. But one hapless gangster is in for a grisly surprise. Meanwhile at the Cavalier Center, Robert and Todd make...
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    BTST - Episode 1 - "Sashia"

    Hello all, Please take the time to view my web series for BTST (Episode 1 - "Sashia")! Plot: Two agents from the Norton Foundation head over to investigate the mysterious case of a brutally assassinated gang leader and the myth surrounding a renegade group of assassins. A few points: The...
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    My first attempt at an animation short - Please critique it!

    It's NSFW with some nudity. But please can you critique it? Animation is shoddy plus Im looking into adding voice work as well. Its for a future series. Link -