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  1. Wolf DeVoon

    New book about making movies

    'Chiseltown' is an intensely personal story, although it has nothing to do with me personally, as odd as that may sound. It's about a fictional filmmaker and a movie, from the first phone call to the last. That's how movies are made. I suppose it's not so different in other walks of life...
  2. Wolf DeVoon

    Coming attraction

    Maybe finished in a couple weeks, stay tuned. (update - see below)
  3. Wolf DeVoon

    Editing tricks - Hitchcock, Vidor, Lang, Wilder, Pabst

    Using multiple cameras has suddenly become a popular thing to do, and it's disastrous. Instead of getting one beautifully staged, well-shot take of something, you're getting 2 or 3 camera angles of the same thing -- all mediocre -- because the staging cannot be as good as it should be, since you...
  4. Wolf DeVoon

    Techniques and foibles of great actors

    MARLON BRANDO I think an actor like Brando can give you certain moments that have nothing to do with any director, have nothing to do with any script, have nothing to do with anything aside from his own talent. When you work with Marlon, you have only one job: release him, get him moving, get...
  5. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 2

    (continued from Part 1) The deep truth of filmmaking is awful. We shoot out-of-sequence. That means each scene must be alive in the here-and-now PLUS make sense when it's joined to something shot on another day or another week, miles from...
  6. Wolf DeVoon

    About directing - Part 1

    Dave Pauwels was kind enough to ask about my experiences as a director. I don't see much difference between film and tape, analog or digital, drama, comedy, or documentary, so I'll talk about them generally as "filmed entertainment," a traditional term that distinguishes movies from theater. I...