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  1. Kim Welch

    Shure mv88 mic

    I think I am going to get this for my iPhone to record some Christmas music I am playing on the keyboard. I want to shoot me playing it be I have to get so far back that the sound is not great. The Shure mv 88 looks like it's the best low cost easy option for now...
  2. Kim Welch

    What Tradeshows should we go to in 2020

    I like going to tradeshows to see people we have worked with over the years and our subscribers. I also enjoy going to the workshops when I have people helping with the booth. If I don't have enough people helping with the booth it's hard to get away at the bigger shows. What shows are you going...
  3. Kim Welch

    How to get professional sound

    My question for some time now is, how can I get professional sound when I am shotting on my iPhone. I did some research yesterday and I think I am going to go with this solution to record music while I am playing the piano or keyboard. I think I am going to get this Shure MV88 - Digital Stereo...
  4. Kim Welch

    I just saw a video recommending FILMIC Pro

    Has anyone used filmic pro?
  5. Kim Welch

    Auction - The gear, by brands such as Arri, Zeiss, Canon, Panasonic, Sachtler, Tiffen, Schneider, Sony, Sennheiser and many others The gear, by brands such as Arri, Zeiss, Canon, Panasonic, Sachtler, Tiffen, Schneider, Sony, Sennheiser and many others, include: digital and video cameras, lenses...
  6. Kim Welch

    Storyboarding Forum

    We have a number of articles in the back issues about Storyboarding and it's something that needs consideration. There are a number of storyboard software programs and uses for storyboards that can be addressed. I will be doing some searches and finding storyboard posts and moving them to this...
  7. Kim Welch

    New Filmmaking Video App Catagory

    With all the new apps and apps people use to make their videos and do their filmmaking I felt like we should have a filmmaking video App Category. I will be looking through the forums and finding old posts and move them to this section. Please feel free to post the filmmaking apps you use...
  8. Kim Welch

    Have wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Have wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Kim Welch

    It's a rainy day

    Took this photo with Iphone 8
  10. Kim Welch

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Grandfather said, "Practice makes perfect" but I have heard other thoughts that are more in line with the issues I face and I am sure others face. I want to do something perfectly or darn near it so I don't do anything. I remember in school the fear of turning in a paper and having it graded. At...
  11. Kim Welch

    Thinking about questions for Cinematographers over coffee

    I am drinking my first cup of coffee this morning from my new "Buy More Nerd Herd" cup. I woke up this morning thinking about interview questions. What are our readers are interested in? The underlying important thing for me is how was it made. I have two interviews coming up with well known...
  12. Kim Welch

    DOC NYC Film Festival Nov. 6-15 – Critic’s Choices

    DOC NYC Film Festival Nov. 6-15 – Critic’s Choices Three downtown theaters. 15 screens. 10 days. Three hundred movies and events. Holy moly. It’s the 10th anniversary of America’s largest documentary...
  13. Kim Welch

    IPHONE 11 4k

  14. Kim Welch

    Snow Banner

  15. Kim Welch

    ambient sounds and closed spaces

    I am interested in the process for getting the sounds for different scenes like in a concert scene, and recently I was watching "Mars" and noticed the differences in when he was talking in his helmet and when he took it off in the rover. The sound was different in the rover and in the HAV. What...
  16. Kim Welch

    Shape Camera Rigs 4K 6K
  17. Kim Welch

    Film Directing Fundamentals
  18. Kim Welch

    Sports Video Tech
  19. Kim Welch

    New Sport Video Technology Website Coming Soon