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    Time code entering

    Hello, I just want to clarify the way to reset the time code while the tapes are changed.Some people used to enter 01,02,03,... in the hour section. Means 01:00:00:00,02:00:00:00,03:00:00:00,....... ,Is this a right way.Also what about in multi camera set up?Do we have to put it in Rec...
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    frame rate

    Is there any advantage in shooting a film at 25 fps which later when we go for digital intermediate.Also same in the case for Telecine(films which are made for television veiwing,commercials etc).
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    shutter speed

    Thank You for your valuable information.
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    shutter speed

    What do you mean by shutter on and shutter off in a video camera?
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    shoot computer moniter

    Hello, I have to shoot computer screen(CRT).what the shutter speed i have select ?Is there any pulse syncing?
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    white balancing

    How often we have to white balance a video camera?want to do white balancing whenever we change the filter and switch-on the camera?
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    shooting in video

    hello, I am planning to do a short film in Dv.I would like to know about the various formats in Digital video.As most of my film is going to happen in interiors,which will be the best format I can go with.Also i want detailed information about 24p, 25p,1080/25p,cine gama.Do the Dvcam...
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    shutter angle

    shutter angle more queries shutter angle more queries If it is 90 degree what will be the exposure which each frame will get? How a single frame will get a total 180 degree shutter angle? what happens when the shutter is in closed position after the first 90 degree?whether the film moves or...
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    shutter angle

    How its possible to have 180 degree shutter angle in a Butterfly shutter? Also in the case of 172.8 degree? whats the maximum degree of shutter anlgle we can go for in a butterfly type shutter? It will be thankful if anybody explain with diagrams.
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    shutter speed

    what is the purpose of having different shutter speed in video cameras?Is it for the same purpose as in still cameras?whether both the shutter and scanning rate is inter related?
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    Indoor Outdoor matching

    Indoor Outdoor matching my quiry is related to film and not for video.And my question isn't about the colour temperature but about the exposure.Thank u.[/code]
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    Indoor Outdoor matching

    I have to know about the exposure chosen while both indoor and outdoor is commited for much we can overexpose outdoor?can we keep the same light level as it is in outdoor?will it look natural?can we underexpose indoor by 1 stop or high by keeping the exposure of outdoor?
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    Normal Lens

    Which focal length is considered as normal lens for Anamorphic aspect ratio?And also when an anomorphic lens is attached to a spherical lens,the focal length can we consider 100mm as normal for cinemascope where as the 50mm is for spherical?what is th case in Block lenses?
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    Black Balancing

    Thanks a lot Thanks a lot Thanks for all the valuable information regarding Black Balancing.
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    Black Balancing

    Re: Black Balancing
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    Black Balancing

    what is the purpose of doing black balance in video cameras? I mean Black Balancing.