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    Dear Bullies - Anti-Bullying Video

    Hey guys, I wanted to share a video which deals with an important message, which is bullying. On a side note, how was my cinematography and what would you suggest I do to improve it?
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    Short Film - White Rose (Re-edited)

    Hey guys, I uploaded a short film here a while ago and the short film did quite well on youtube. But now I made a new youtube account and I re-edited and re-uploaded the short film. This is my first short flilm and I would love to share it with you guys, I already know it could be a lot...
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    Homeless Short Film - Make A Change

    Hey guys, this is a little simple short film I did yesterday that tackles the issue of homelessness. It's all about the message =]
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    My first short film - White Rose

    Hey guys, I just completed my very first short film and I have been getting wonderful feedback which inspires me to learn as much as I can and continue creating content for my new youtube channel. I'd like to share the film with you all, it's called white rose and it took about a month and a...