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    Actor showreel service at discount prices

    Message to all actors and actresses, I’m offering a special service where I can create a special scene catered to you. I know sometimes it can be difficult finding the roles you want as an actor, and sometimes the problem is because you don’t have the right footage for your showreel. Which is...
  2. E

    Female Actress Wanted! - Short Video.

    Looking for a female actress around 45 years old for a video integrated into our mobile app. The app is a tool that will help women who are fighting breast cancer research their options in a simple and intuitive way. OUR CHARACTER Is a strong woman in her 40s that stands up to a challenge...
  3. Theresa Pickett


    So does anyone here want to tell us more about your background? What have your trained in, such as method acting, etc?
  4. Theresa Pickett

    Lionsgate Pilot is Looking for Background Actors in Nashville, TN

    Lionsgate pilot "Nashville," which stars Hayden Panettiere, Powers Booth and Connie Britton, is looking for background actors in Nashville, TN. Only locals apply! Info is found here. Filming March 17 through April 5.. Looking for people 18 years and older, any ethnicity to work as PAID...
  5. S

    Show Off You Acting Ability & Post Your Audition Video

    I'm in the process of pitching a new TV reality show to the television networks, which aims to help discover talented new screenwriters & actors. Whilst the negotiations are commencing, I've already started to liaise with other production companies and theatre groups throughout the globe, who...
  6. N

    Female actresses required for starring role in 'sexy' shaving viral

    Do you want to be a Youtube sensation? Each of our chosen 8 actresses will act out a monologue derived from a problem page found in a tabloid newspaper. You will be dressed in designer lingerie and will have your legs shaved by media sensation Sacha Harding (AKA, Britain’s Manliest Man) whilst...
  7. FilmEverything

    Filmmakers, actors, extras, writers, and more wanted

    We've recently created a resource for film makers and actors called Filmmakers, actors, extras, writers, technicians, musicians, and more are wanted. Please sign up at We also have a facebook group
  8. FilmEverything

    Help needed from filmmakers

    Hi, Myself and a friend recently created a resource for film makers and actors called Its in the alpha stage and we are looking for filmmakers to test out our website by creating posts for filmmaking projects. If you are looking for film crew, writers, actors, extras...
  9. S

    Acting classes.

    Sanjay Thakurs Acting Academy . "( STAA)" Classes for acting, dance , yoga, aerobic, english , thetre workshop, fight etc. for details contact: Sanjay thakur Mobile : 9222313934 , 02264292257 E-mail :
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    Rochester, MN Actors & Actresses

    STUDENT FILM We are looking for student actors to take part in our project “Audio Cash”. This will be a short student film. This project is for school and will be entered in numerous festivals and contests. This would be a great opportunity for those of you that would like some notoriety...
  11. T

    Find Acting Work Here! I get work through these guys regularly! I don't have an agent, I'm not SAG and I'm new to the industry, so these guys wound up being perfect for me!
  12. Kim Welch

    actors and actresses seeking auditions seeking work

    actors and actresses seeking auditions seeking work