1. S

    Another robot, shooting film made by my brother

    Going Home, enjoy, and feedback welcome Could not get the to display as a youtube video player, so put it in the comment:
  2. S

    My bother is making films and wanted to share.

    I'm posting my brothers films about the web to get them seen, this seemed like a good place, Fear Me, montage of a film he's been working on:
  3. R

    FEEDBACK and Votes needed!

    Hi guys! We are 3 filmmakers (College Freshman) in Florida, USA. We made a 60 second video as an entry to a RedBull competition. If we get enough votes and get selected, they will send us to Europe to survive a week without any money, only bargaining and traiding redbull cans. As artists, we...
  4. A

    Critique My Work

    Hey Everyone! My name is Adrian Petrosian and I'm a 18 year old film student from St. Louis. I have been working with the blackmagic production camera for the last few months and have made a few shorts for my film classes. I would love to hear some feedback and things to work on. My directing...
  5. C

    Canadian Invasion (Action-Comedy)

    Prelude: In 1960, the Prime Minister of Canada, John Diefenbaker recalled the Canadian U.S. Ambassador after being angered by President Kennedy. Canada began to look for foreign allies to help exact its revenge against the United States. The USSR quickly volunteered.Canada drafted a military...
  6. Drasik Productions

    The Reprogrammer (film, made by 13 years old students)

    Hi. This is my first post and I wanna introduce the movie I've been shooting for 3 months. I already have 15 videos. You can find them on my YouTube channel. Anyway, enjoy the film:
  7. N

    Palm County - Chapman University Thesis

    Here is a link to my thesis film that I directed at Chapman University. It's a 17 minute action flick entitled "Palm County." Hope you enjoy!
  8. W

    Politics - Drama/Action Short

    Hey Everyone. I am the executive producer for the new production group: Wild Goose Chase Productions. We are a student run group looking to create skits and act them out as professionally as possible. We recently released a short called Politics. I would be honored if members of this forum...
  9. JonPlant

    "Break-In" - Award-winning short, shot on RED

    I want to share my last short film "Break-In" with people. It is a short, fun action film that I am hoping may achieve some viral momentum on YouTube - it was essentially made to prove that I was capable of shooting high-end commercials and has many...
  10. H

    Dr Jesus Trott - The Revenge

    Hello! This is a short trailer that parodies the crucifixion of Jesus, in a gory, action-packed, and generally ridiculous fashion. "Brutality of Biblical Proportions!" Do not watch this is you're offended by religious spoofing or blood and gore.
  11. pmiddy001

    The Carnage Development - 3m Action

    Title: The Carnage Development Running Time: 3.30m Cast: Aidey Pugh, Eddie Butler and Lisa Moore Genre: Action Synopsis: Just a bit of fun, A chase for a case kind of flick! - Contains strong violence. See Film Here: Written, Directed and Produced...