1. DarrenH

    My new animation project. Need some feedback please.

    Hi guys, I thought I would share my latest CGI animation project with you all. I am in need of some feedback from some people who know their stuff. I am a complete noob when it comes to animation and don’t really have many people in my circle that can give some constructive criticism so I am...
  2. S

    Animated short

    I made this short and I would love suggestions on how to improve it? Are there any competitions for newbies on the East Coast it might be good for?
  3. SuperDaddyTV

    The Two Amoebas: Remembering Yesterday Cartoon

    The two Amoebas, Jim and Bob take a funny stroll down memory lane and realize life is pretty short at least for an Amoeba! Another in our funny family friendly cartoon series.
  4. SuperDaddyTV

    David and Goliath Cartoon

    Our cartoon of David and Goliath done in a combination of clay animation and CGI, great for the whole family!
  5. ruanlotter

    After Effects Tutorial: How To Create Your Own 2D Cartoon

    Ever wanted to create your own 2D South Park type cartoon? Here is how! If you enjoy this - please consider subscribing. :) Thanks! Ruan
  6. SuperDaddyTV

    A Funny Public Service Announcement Claymation (by P.B. my daughter)

    A Funny Public Service Announcement Claymation (by P.B. my daughter). My daughter made this claymation, with my help, for a class project but we found it funny enough to put up on youtube. Hope it makes you laugh! We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for our shots set to absorb even lower light...