charlie butters

  1. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Andrew In Narnia

    Our funny Narnia parody done in claymation. Andrew meets Mr. Tumnus under the lamp post and is offered some Turkish delight. However Andrew isn't impressed with the taste and Mr. Tumnus becomes unimpressed with Andrew!
  2. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters Returns

    Charlie Butters is returning to SuperDaddyTV along with many other cartoons. Here we get a glimpse into what Charlie has been doing on his time off.
  3. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Runaway Lawnmower Claymation

    In this claymation cartoon Charlie's wife bugs him to do the lawn. As he really doesn't want to do it he gets his daughter Izzy to do it but things go horribly wrong when Izzy starts the lawnmower. Check it out for a good laugh! We again used our GS-500 for pictures and put it together in Adobe...
  4. SuperDaddyTV

    Valentine's Day Charlie Butters Balloon Claymation (Interactive)

    This is our Charlie Butters Balloon Valentine interactive film. In this claymation Charlie and his wife go ballooning for Valentine's Day and unfortunately Charlie ends up in trouble. We made this one interactive, so when his wife gets made at Charlie's clumsiness you get to choose what to say...
  5. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters Easter Bunny Claymation Cartoon

    In this claymation cartoon Charlie Butters daughter, Izzy, bent on seeing the Easter bunny has an amazing chance encounter. Made completely from clay this stop-motion cartoon is a continuation of the Charlie Butters series we have been running on our channel...
  6. SuperDaddyTV

    Valentine's Day Short Film Charlie Butters Claymation

    Charlie celebrates Valentine's Day and buys his wife a nice heart shaped box of chocolates but his daughter Izzy has other ideas. A funny Valentine's Claymation not to be missed! We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for our shots set to absorb even lower light with 1/2 second exposures, so no...