1. N

    Call for SCREENWRITERS to develop scripted, episodic series. PAID - US & UK

    Call for screenwriters to develop series in the US & UK Please see commissioning brief document attached for full details. Paid position 1- 6 months. Payment dependent on experience. If you are interested in submitting, please send us existing work samples...
  2. Musicaljlb

    Looking for a talented NYC/NJ based student film director.

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for a talented student film director in NYC/NJ for a short film project (6 minutes) with a quick turn around. Filming begins next week on or around May 30, 31st with a completion date of June 8th. Some really amazing potential to have your work seen by great people...
  3. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 Now Open For Entry! International Tours & Awards

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 Now Open For Entry! International Tours & Awards Featuring the best short films of 2019 at international film festivals We're screening 8 nights of short film at cinemas across Edinburgh in 2019 Presenting awards and trophies for the best films selected by...
  4. A

    New comedy film festival slated to debut in las vegas this winter

    LAS VEGAS, NV- The inaugural Comedy World Network International Film Festival is set to take place from November 29th thru December 2nd, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. This new event, which seeks to share comedic content from all over the world, already has amassed upwards of 150 submission from all...
  5. K

    Short film Silent Comedy

    I recently uploaded a short film on youtube. I would love feedback. It's my first film in 7 years. I wanted to do a silent film and do something simple. Let me know what you think. I wrote and directed it and also half edited it. Thanks, Karen
  6. N

    Nicolife: Episode 6 | SEASON FINALE!

    Check out Episode 6, our season finale of the independent comedy web series Nicolife. Runtime: 17 min 57 sec In Nicolife: Episode 6, Nicolai expresses his undying love for the dance instructor Kiri-Kiri and tragedy follows. This season finale concludes the storyline that we originally set...
  7. P

    Kevin, Vancouver, Comedy Attempter: confidence through comparison

    Hi Im Kevin! I work at a pizza restaurant! Its Crazy! I was given an hour window to shoot a short film using said Pizza Place! (crazier)! To maybe laugh at what my brother called "that was actually funny" or what my friend described as "this is why you couldnt hang out on sunday?" or maybe you...
  8. P

    The Perfect Life | Short Film (2016) - 31:04
  9. N

    Nicolife: Episode 5 | Nicolai reconnects with his sister Nikita

    Check out the fifth episode of the independent comedy web series Nicolife! Runtime: 18 min 31 sec In Episode 5, Nicolai reconnects with his eccentric sister Nikita. He also has a run-in with a group of thugs who come to collect an outstanding debt. During the making of Episode 5, we had the...
  10. N

    Nicolife: Episode 3 | Epic dance routine & chase scene!

    The independent comedy web series Nicolife continues! Here’s Episode 3, which is a real fun one that includes an extended dance routine, three thugs at a shady laundromat and a chase scene inspired by Point Break. :D With this episode we really had to step up our game. The shoot required many...
  11. L

    CRITIQUES NEEDED - Please help!

    Hey! We recently have been uploading skits to YouTube. It's been fun, but we also want to try putting ourselves out there to receive more criticism from people who don't know us :D This is the most recent video we made: If you want to go even...
  12. NYTVF

    TWO WEEKS AWAY: Get your scripts ready to submit!

    2016 NYTVF Scripts Competition Accepting Original Sitcom Scripts Are you an aspiring TV writer? Want to get your work in front of agents, managers, and development execs across the TV and digital landscape? Submit to NYTVF Scripts for a chance to have your project named an Official Selection...
  13. N

    Nicolife: Episode 2 | Oatmeal Memories

    So I’d love to get your feedback on Nicolife: Episode 2, which is part of an independently produced comedy web series. Word of warning though: I’d consider it NSFW due to some mature content. Episode 2 offers plenty of awkward comedy, including a traumatic flashback to a childhood moment...
  14. N

    Nicolife: Episode 1 | A dark comedy web series

    We just finished our first season of the independent web series Nicolife. It has taken us three years to complete six episodes on a zero-budget, and we'd love to hear what you think about the show! Nicolife is a series in 6 parts that tells the story of Nicolai Travis, an attention-starved...
  15. ruanlotter

    *PG* Barbie Stop Motion - Keeping Up With The Koekemoers

    Heya all -* Keeping Up With The Koekemoers is a South African, Barbie stop motion web series - We are currently on Episode number 2! Have a look and feel free to let us know what you think! Thanks for watching :)
  16. P

    Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 7

    Hey all, Here’s the final episode of my first comedy web series Bun In The Oven! Thanks to everyone watching :) Hoping to have some brand new productions out in 2016; in the meantime, you can catch up on the whole first season of Bun In The Oven with the following playlist...
  17. P

    Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 6

    Hey guys! Here’s the penultimate episode of Bun in the Oven! Thanks if you’ve been watching so far – if not, catch up on the whole first season with this handy playlist:
  18. P

    Bun In The Oven (Comedy Web Series) - Episode 5

    Check out episode 5 of Bun in the Oven, where the duo go on a trip to the cinema. Enjoy a few japes, and some fake film trailers! :D
  19. Wilbo

    Non Smoking Breaks - UK Comedy Short

    Hi guys, I'm a second year film student who has recently set up a production company with 3 colleagues named Four Candles Productions - We've recently released our first comedy short 'Non Smoking Breaks' If you have a spare two minutes i'd really appreciate you taking a...
  20. J

    Web series teaser!

    New teaser for Season 1 of #DaveandGreg! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> ENJOY!