1. MadnessMen

    MadnessMen Composers

    Hi guys, We are MadnessMen, we are Italians and we are composers (filmscoring, trailers and games music) We are here beacouse we are going to release our 1st original album in days, and we are open to the use of our works in commercial/non commercial projects. (After our approve) While waiting...
  2. Nipponp for half price!!!

    Hi there, I've recently paid for a 12 month subscription for for £170 approx $218. At the time they had a pomotional offer of allowing me to share my access with another person. I don't know anwone who would be interested but I'm sure there would be lots of film makers ...
  3. S

    Musician and Composer offering free services for project.

    Hi All, My name is Scott and I am looking for a project to work on that allows me to create a soundtrack for your student film. This would of course be free as I would like to build up a portfolio of work for future endeavours. If you'd like to listen to a soundtrack I released recently under...
  4. jodymichelle

    Musicians and Composers - Get Featured in STUDENTFILMMAKERS

    Hello Musicians and Composers, we're looking for new and emerging talents, students, and professionals to feature in the next digital publications. Please reply here with information about yourself and your website/social media links. Join the Network at:
  5. T

    New Stock Music Agency seeking bands and composers!

    We, at the AUDIO CABIN, are building a new, modern marketplace for royalty free music to connect musicians and filmmakers from all over the world and we would like to invite you to become a part of our initial roster of artists. We are now accepting applications! As a first step, we are only on...
  6. D

    Talented composers are welcome to join our network

    Hi guys, Are you a music composer, talented and experienced enough to join our network of royalty free music and audio on the net? Join 100+ of awesome composers network now:
  7. D

    We have found talented composers for your films!

    Hi guys, We've found talented composers which are eager to work with you and compose music for your films! Over 100 famous and talented composers around the globe! Join our network of royalty-free music and audio:
  8. T

    Looking for Music Composers for Bulgarian Short Future and Documentary Films

    Hello! I'm looking for music composers for Future and Documentaries films. I am in Bulgaria, but I think the distance is no problem. If you want to work together in same projects write me on skype or e-mail. We are work from the internet Skype: anatoli_kostov1248 E-mail:
  9. jodymichelle

    ShowBiz Expo 2010: Free Online Registration - Sign Up Now!

    <strong>Free Online Registration</strong> to <a href="" target="_blank">ShowBiz Expo 2010:</a> <em>Sign Up Now!</em><br><br><strong>Film, Stage & ShowBiz Expo</strong> is a five-star event that brings everyone in Show Business together under one roof. Whether you are...
  10. jodymichelle

    Production Update for Composers/Film Scorers, Anthony Annucci and Robert Hilliard

    Here's a production update for Anthony Annucci and Robert Hilliard of Live Body Productions, who were featured in <em>StudentFilmmakers</em> Magazine (April 2008 Edition, Page 57). Annucci and Hilliard will be will be working with Cara Shatzman, animator/creator, recent NYU Film School grad and...