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    Student Short Film Competition at CIMMfest, Chicago

    The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival CIMMfest - Announces our first annual Student Film Competition! We are excited to extend an invitation to students and recent graduates to submit their films to CIMMfest #7, taking place April 16-19, 2015. Now celebrating our 7th year...
  2. M

    Call for Filmmakers - Pioneers 2015

    Pioneers Festival is looking to showcase short films on the main stage at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna/Austria in front of an audience of 3,000 people, including media from CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Fast Company and many more. We are interested in submissions of...
  3. V

    Call for Entries- Vietnam Memorial Student Video Contest

    What does honor in times of war look like? Ask a friend, and you will hear different ideas about examples of honor. Ask a veteran, and you will hear perhaps even greater differences in ideas about what honor looks like. Eligibility: Submissions will be accepted by any students in grades 4...
  4. T

    TechSoup's Storymakers 2014 is here!

    Storymakers 2014 is here. Submissions open 8/26 at 10 A.M. PST Submit your video for a chance at $13,000 in cash prizes. Prize categories include: Best story promoting youth engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – US $5,000 Best story overall – US $5,000 Best short story on...
  5. B

    2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition - SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED

    2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition SHORT SCRIPTS WANTED The BlueCat Screenplay Competition awards the world’s largest cash prize for best short screenplay: $10,000, with three finalists each receiving a cash prize of $1,500. In keeping with our longstanding tradition, every...
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    2015 BlueCat Movie Title Contest

    2015 BlueCat Screenplay Competition MOVIE TITLE CONTEST Every year, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition holds a Movie Title Contest for all of our early submissions. All entries submitted to BlueCat by AUGUST 1st will be automatically eligible. Our TOP 3 favorite titles will each receive a...
  7. S

    Sessy's Music Video Contest (Closes July 1st 2014)

    Sessy is looking for some talented music video makers to make videos for the songs off of his new album "Away". You can download the album for free at Choose a song and make a music video (or more than one if you like). The video can use actors, CG, claymation...
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    2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Deadline in Three Days

    2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Final Deadline: Friday, Nov 15th midnight PST Features - $70, Shorts - $60, Student Shorts - $29 Every entry receives Script Analysis The BlueCat Screenplay Competition dedicates itself to the development of screenwriters worldwide and we are proud to...
  9. R

    'Smoking and Sex' video contest - deadline March 15th.

    Enter the 'Smoking and Sex' video contest. Get your submission in by March 15, 2013
  10. PropRoom

    Property Room Contest: Win $2,500 with your creative video

    Property Room is the largest police auction website, selling everything from jewelry to cars to memorabilia and more. We get some weird and unique items from our police precincts around the country and are launching a video contest to tell the crazy stories of how our items made it to the site...
  11. E

    CALL FOR ENTRIES: Toronto Super Pitch Bowl

    Have a winning film idea but don't know who to tell? We've got you covered. Post your log line on our Facebook page now for a chance to pitch your film to world-renowned producers as a guest star on our upcoming TV show at the Toronto International Film Festival! Hurry - open qualifying rounds...
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    Naming Your Baby: How to Find a Great Title to your Screenplay by Gordy Hoffman

    Naming Your Baby: How to Find a Great Title to your Screenplay by Gordy Hoffman How exactly does one work on the title of their screenplay? I recently came up with such a wonderful idea for a movie, one of those miraculous moments, like finding money on the sidewalk. I told somebody, and they...
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    2013 BLUECAT SCREENPLAY COMPETITION Next Deadline: AUGUST 1ST Movie Title Contest Every entrant who submits by August 1st is eligible for our Movie Title contest, where the three top titles will be awarded $250, as voted on by current BlueCat entrants. OTHER PRIZES: Script Analyses on...
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    2013 bluecat screenplay competition: Call for entries

    2013 BLUECAT SCREENPLAY COMPETITION CALL FOR ENTRIES Discovering & Developing Writers since 1998 For nearly fifteen years, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition’s recognition and development of undiscovered screenwriters from around the world has paved the way for these writers to be signed by...
  15. J

    Cyber-Seniors Corner Video Contest

    Know an inspirational, funny, or quirky senior citizen (hint, hint, your parents or grandparents)? Cyber-Seniors is running a video contest that challenges young people and senior citizens to and create a short video featuring the senior's skills, stories, advice, or special talents! The video...
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    British Columbia - Safe Driving Awareness

    Here is a link to the video for Awareness Of Safe Driving contest being sponsored in British Columbia.
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    Calling for Entries: Video Contest

    Create a 30-to-60-second video that tells the story of a person who uses MyCube’s “social content exchange” to connect with people who share their passions. It could be two people from opposite ends of the Earth connecting over photos of an obscure form of martial arts, videos featuring a little...
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    MyCube Video Contest

    Social Media has become part of our daily lives. Your day feels incomplete when you are not able to go online to tweet or check your Facebook. We want to introduce you to a brand new social media network centered on content sharing. MyCube is networking with people who have similar interests. It...
  19. C

    1 week left for the AmazonWireless Video Contest!

    We're down to one more week for the AmazonWireless Video Competition! Amazon has teamed up with to bring you this contest that is coming to a close soon. Your mission is to create a 60 second video about the benefits of using AmazonWireless. Videos are encouraged to be humorous and...
  20. G

    Scriptsation Extends Deadline to 10/31

    Scriptsation 2011 has extended it's final deadline to October 31st at 11:59PM EDT Grand Prize winner received $500.00 plus production consultation and consideration with the Award Winning Maine Studios Team. Additionally, the Grand Prize winner and each category winner...