1. jacobacrow

    'The Postman' - Short Film

    Hi all, Would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my student short film and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy!
  2. N

    Call for SCREENWRITERS to develop scripted, episodic series. PAID - US & UK

    Call for screenwriters to develop series in the US & UK Please see commissioning brief document attached for full details. Paid position 1- 6 months. Payment dependent on experience. If you are interested in submitting, please send us existing work samples...
  3. B

    Nonentity (2016) Psychology Drama Short movie

    Hello We would love to show u our new short movie. We hope that u'll enjoy it. Tell us what u think about it :cool: Greetings;)
  4. P

    The Perfect Life | Short Film (2016) - 31:04

  5. M

    Meet the Day - Independent Feature from Sweden

    Hi everyone, Today we're releasing the feature film "Meet the Day" via Bittorrent Bundle for free. Along with the bundle comes the official soundtrack from the film and a high-res poster. Just follow the link to download or stream: https://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/meettheday A man...
  6. T

    Amber - Psychological Thriller Short Film (would love feedback)

  7. T

    Amber - Psychological Thriller Short Film (would love feedback)

  8. N

    Accepting - 4 min Drama

    Check out my last film for Campus Movie Fest! It made the top 16 @ CSULB and was nominated for Best Picture. However, I need the most views to go to the Hollywood round by Nov. 25, 2012 so share it w/everyone! So far, this short is the one I'm most proud of & I really hope that it will continue...
  9. B

    Looking for realistic screenplays

    We are a Spanish production company looking for short screenplays to produce. Both the story and the atmosphere should be realistic. You can send your script to buskerfilms @ gmail.com - If we are interested in it, we will send you information about the contract and the remuneration. You can...
  10. R

    Mortality - 2 Minute Drama - HD

    Hi, Please watch our recently made short drama 'Mortality'. We entered it for the 'Virgin Media Shorts' competition so if you enjoy it, please 'like' it or 'share' it in the box below on the virgin media shorts page below as this will move us up the rankings and closer to the "13th spot" on...
  11. N

    The Lost Love - my new short film on extra marital affairs

    The Lost Love - This is the story of Rishi and his encounters with Love, Sex and Marriage.
  12. A

    Post-Production Crew Collaborator needed for FUN, MFA thesis musical film!

    Hello, Our team is looking for some important post-production positions for our fun musical/fantasy/drama short thesis film <The Fantastic Clown Club>! (Los Angeles Area) We are also looking for post-production members who are also in achieving their way up as post-production professionals and...
  13. H

    My first short film - White Rose

    Hey guys, I just completed my very first short film and I have been getting wonderful feedback which inspires me to learn as much as I can and continue creating content for my new youtube channel. I'd like to share the film with you all, it's called white rose and it took about a month and a...
  14. A

    Taste Of Loneliness (student short film)

    Hey guys, just found this site and honestly wish I found it a while ago haha... But I guess its better late than never ;) Anyways, here is a short film I directed about a year ago when I was 17 and still in highschool. Enjoy and let me know what you think...
  15. A

    Lost In Your Shadows (First Highschool Short Film Ever Directed)

    Well although this was created almost 2 years ago, I'm kinda interested in anybody's thoughts on it, if any... I've improved a ton as you can see in my latest work, (and obviously still growing as a filmmaker) but I'm just wondering what anybody else thought of my first attempt... It was shot...
  16. P

    Leith Short Film Festival,June 2011

    Leith Short Film Festival June 2011 The 6th Leith short film festival returns this year and once again, the event will feature short films made by Scottish, UK & International short film-makers and entries are requested via our website: www.leithshortfilms.co.uk The event is scheduled for the...
  17. W

    Politics - Drama/Action Short

    Hey Everyone. I am the executive producer for the new production group: Wild Goose Chase Productions. We are a student run group looking to create skits and act them out as professionally as possible. We recently released a short called Politics. I would be honored if members of this forum...
  18. J

    Bound - Experimental 16mm film

    Title: Bound Running Time: 6.29m Cast: Mark Ezovski and Wendy Varela Genre: Experimental / Drama Synopsis: A painter gone mad and his struggle trying to write his last statement seconds before a lethal injection flows through his body. See Film Here...
  19. pmiddy001

    The Violation - Adult Drama

    Title: The Violation Running Time: 4.00m Cast: Debbie Ann, Aidey Pugh Genre: Adult Drama Notes: Adult Production. May disturb. See Film Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZv4MaKXiYE Writer, Director: Aidey Pugh Producer: Pete Middleton Kindest Regards, Pete Middleton Pictures
  20. pmiddy001

    Opting Out - Short Drama

    Title: Opting Out - Directors Choice Running Time: 3.30m Cast: Eddie Butler and Lisa Moore Genre: Drama Synopsis: A short film concentrating on 5 suicides. It's the favourite of my own work. See Film Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uo69MRkg8QU Written, Directed and Produced by Pete...