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    Free Sony Vegas Coloring

    We are starting to sharing colorings that we used in our movie production to show you how much we appreciate every comment and every amount of support that you guys are giving us. We hope that we can inspire and help young creators like us, and support each other on the very begining on the...
  2. K

    4th video of my DIY serial All Slovakia Villages Videos - Kalinkovo

    Hi Guys, i would like to share 4th video from my DIY serial All Slovakia Villages Videos. Music & edit by kostistlac. Enjoy and leave a comment if you like it.
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    An Uncertain Moment - A Short Film

    This is the first movie from Spice 'N' Rice creations. Please provide honest comments.Have Fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z74jhXBopdU
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    New Video Archive/Research solution for Mac

    A New version of Frameline 47 for Mac is now been released, and there is a (genuine) 50% discount offer for this week only to people who have already registered for a trial. The code is: CPN9707061005, but expires on the 19th Frameline 47 is especially designed to work with video. It scans...