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    how to match sequence settings in Adobe Promiere Pro ? | MaxFA

    subscribe to my Youtube channel to learn filmmaking tips https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQBJvXJAdc4ifFJs9KNV0Uw?sub_confirmation=1 Max Film Academy--Study Filmmaking In New York https://maxfilmacademy.com
  2. C

    Editors for Fan Made Trailers

    Looking for 3 editors to make Fan Made trailers. Full time/part time applications welcome. Can work remotely. We want storytellers who understand the power of anticipation. Use of Premiere Pro preferable but not required. VFX skills also preferable but not required. Length of trailers approx...
  3. Adjul Gardner

    Video Editor at Wilderness School

    Hello, I am a videographer at a wilderness school called Teaching Drum Outdoor School, located in northern Wisconsin. We currently have hundreds of hours of footage that we are turning into documentaries, YouTube shorts, and instructional videos. In 2014, I filmed 350 hours of HD footage of...
  4. T

    Who looking for video editors?

    Hello! I am Anatoli Kostov. I am from Bulgaria. I think the distance is no problem. I am editor. I use Adobe Premiere CS5. I can edit music video, documentary, short films and other. Who looking for video editors may write to me on e-mail: anatoli.kostov@gmail.com or skype: anatoli_kostov1248...