1. rulesoferick

    Script Fest LA somebody??

    Hi everybody! I know it's a little too soon but Im pretty excited because Im attending this huge event with a project I just finished with my friends. I would like to share the info with you so you can expose your work as well :) "Pitch Your Script to more than 120 production companies...
  2. Q

    Any great filmmaking courses/summer schools in Europe? Or on internet?

    Hello guys, I'm self taught filmmaker in Europe and recently I got interested in attending some filmmaking course or film school (one month programm or something like that). The problem for me personally is... these events are not always well propagated so its little harder to find them even...
  3. T

    SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards

    Society of Camera Operators 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards Announces Technical Achievement Award Recipient and Camera Operator of the Year Nominees Los Angeles, CA (January 5, 2016) — The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) today announces recipients of its 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award...