1. 3

    ‘Why Document Atrocity?’ | Video Contest | Free to Enter | Cash Prizes

    3 Generations is hosting a video contest to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. The contest is free to enter and aimed at 18-30 year olds based in North America. We invite young artists of any kind to make a short video (4 mins max) which responds...
  2. M

    Meet the Day - Independent Feature from Sweden

    Hi everyone, Today we're releasing the feature film "Meet the Day" via Bittorrent Bundle for free. Along with the bundle comes the official soundtrack from the film and a high-res poster. Just follow the link to download or stream: https://bundles.bittorrent.com/bundles/meettheday A man...
  3. B

    A short Digital video

    A small video created with AE The sound was made before the pictures. Good day
  4. B

    [Short Film]- Echo : Trailer

    Hi everybody, I present you the extract of my first short film : Echo. It's an experimental film about memory. See it on Dailymotion : or http://dai.ly/tbkNor - English Subtitle (Used a camera sony Z7) Give me your opinion :) or :( Best regards, BBX
  5. O

    40 Second Short

    Hi It would be extremely helpful if you could watch my short experimental film and if you like it just click the red dots to vote. Votes would really help. http://www.shortsnonstop.com/videos/watch/macreel-1/ Thank you in advance
  6. J

    Bound - Experimental 16mm film

    Title: Bound Running Time: 6.29m Cast: Mark Ezovski and Wendy Varela Genre: Experimental / Drama Synopsis: A painter gone mad and his struggle trying to write his last statement seconds before a lethal injection flows through his body. See Film Here...
  7. Daryl Banner

    Versatile Composer - Will work for Free

    My name is Daryl Banner and I'm a composer and writer with a huge range of interests! I have written many, many tunes for video games and short films. I specialize in moody doom & gloom style, but have composed and written for almost any genre or feel under the sun--from string and piano to...