1. A

    Filmmaker for hire - Need a filmmaker for a video you want created

    hi i am 15 year old filmmaker. my fee depends on the project my equipment - gh4 (4k video quality) - tripods glidecams -3 lenses -video editing software -the works!!!! message me over twitter or youtube if your interested my twitter my youtube...
  2. G

    Feedback wanted for Filmmaking Tips eBook

    Hey guys, We just authored our first eBook on Filmmaking Tips and we would appreciate any feedback of the community (style, content) so we can improve it. The direct download link is...
  3. C

    Insight Film Festival launches new Curation Scheme

    If you have made a film on the subject of faith, you may be interested in the Insight Film Festival's Curation Scheme. The best films entered will receive a certificate of commendation and be eligible for screening at events around the world. For more information, visit our website...
  4. J

    Cyber-Seniors Corner Video Contest

    Know an inspirational, funny, or quirky senior citizen (hint, hint, your parents or grandparents)? Cyber-Seniors is running a video contest that challenges young people and senior citizens to and create a short video featuring the senior's skills, stories, advice, or special talents! The video...
  5. Grototote

    Peter Falk Tribute

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Collaborating with my brother on short films Completely improv made up on the spot everything simple but fun A short film about self hypnosis, and what could happen if you...
  6. D

    Comments needed to improve making

    Hi All, This is my short film and want to hear from all the filmmakers about my making.. Please -2 provide your comment/feedback to me. it is important to improve the skills:-
  7. B

    Looking for Edinburgh Filmmakers for Extreme Sports Project

    Hey guys, New to the forums, so apologies if this is misplaced. I'm here to ask one question and one question only. I take part in the rather obscure sport of Extreme Unicycling. I'm based in Edinburgh and I'm looking for an experienced filmmaker, with some high quality hardware, to help me...
  8. FilmEverything

    Help needed from filmmakers

    Hi, Myself and a friend recently created a resource for film makers and actors called Its in the alpha stage and we are looking for filmmakers to test out our website by creating posts for filmmaking projects. If you are looking for film crew, writers, actors, extras...