1. M

    Minds Eye Soundscape - Emerald Sea

    This project of mine involves telling a story without visual representation, simply by using sound effects to guide the listeners perception of the events. This is the first production Emerald Sea, please have a listen and if you have time I would love some feedback in the link in the comments...
  2. Kostas Loukovikas

    Free & premium SFX Library | Analog Days

    Hello everyone! Here's a fresh released sound effects library from Sound Ex Machina! Analog Days contains 390 sounds extracted from retro tape machines, old portable cassette players, retro worldwide tube radios and vintage turntable vinyl record players. A time-capsule ready to send your...
  3. Kostas Loukovikas

    Basketball Game Pro | A new SFX library available now!

    Hello everyone, For those who are heading for game productions, audio books, commercials or any audiovisual projects here's Basketball Game Pro, a sound library thematically centered around a real basketball match, containing several versions of game air horns, crowd applause, attack, defense...
  4. Kostas Loukovikas

    LAUGHS | A new SFX library now available!

    “Some people laugh through their noses, some people laugh through their teeth, some laugh too fast, some only blast - others they twitter like birds…” so goes the jolly old song from the Mary Poppins film. Ladies and Gents we proudly present you our latest work, LAUGHS! A 1,58 GB toolset of 380...
  5. Kostas Loukovikas

    Introducing Kitchen Sounds | Foley Library (HD)

    Hey guys and gals, A new Foley library came out as for today and it's titled Kitchen Sounds. It features 244 HQ sounds from a professional kitchen you can easily sync to any audiovisual project. The sounds were minimal processed and intended to serve not only those who need straight forward...