1. T

    Origin of Ideas

    For me personally, the hardest part of filmmaking isn't the actual production process. That's where the fun happens. The hardest part to me is actually coming up with a story worth telling. Today, it seems like the consensus is that there is no original story. Yet we see tons of movies coming...
  2. Midnightas

    Limitation for "Build Mode"

    I'm creating a small series called Build Mode. Build Mode is similar to the games where you're able to edit and create your own maps. However I require a limitation to this and am asking for ideas. Please do not say to put a time limitation since most of the scripts I plan require there to not...
  3. R

    Film Software and Technologies

    Hey everyone, My name is Rob, and I'm new to StudentFilmmakers. I'm currently in my Senior year of Film School, and working on a project to use technology, and computer Software to make filmmakers lives easier. Thinking about software like Movie Magic, and Final Draft, Final Cut Pro, and...