independent filmmakers

  1. B

    BIFF Baltic Independent Film Festival

    Welcome to Baltic Independent Film Festival (BIFF) an event dedicated to independent films of all genres and origins made by filmmakers. For more info just click: or Submition is open now...
  2. I

    Independent Film makers Feedback

    Hello All- I just wanted to mention a site I created for the purpose of allowing independent filmmakers the ability to get constructive independent film reviews on their short films. The focus is on the review of films from others. To post a film, you must first review someone else's. This...
  3. F

    Filmycon Film/Documentary Festival in India 2016 - Submit Now

    Best short film festival in India, anyone from anywhere in India can participate in this documentary film festival. This short film festival is unique and inspires independent filmmakers of India to make good movies Submit your film at our Filmycon Official Portal-...
  4. N

    2014 Northport Independent Cinema Exhibition Call for Entries

    NICE is a judged film festival created to support student and independent short film on Long Island. Entries are open to international short film at the amateur and student level. NICE was created to support budding and amateur filmmakers in getting big screen exposure for their hard work and...
  5. jodymichelle

    Film Business Tips: Entertainment Payroll and Accounting for Independent Filmmakers

    Film Business: Entertainment Payroll and Accounting for Independent Filmmakers Check out the article: Entertainment Payroll and Accounting: "Can't I Just Do It Myself?" Read the Full Article here...