1. jodymichelle

    10 Most Recent Posts on HD Pro Guide

    Hello Everyone! Searching for some nice reads? Or taking your coffee break, (tea or chai)? Here are the 10 Most Recent News Byte posts on HD Pro Guide: Lighting News Section: New Kupo Click Stands – Like No Other Light Stands in the Market...
  2. D

    Want to get better at lighting.

    I am a young filmmaker and I've been having trouble grasping lighting. I have shot multiple short films but they have mostly all been with available light, and I want to take my film making to the next level. But I have been having a difficult time understanding lights. Things like what lights...
  3. T

    Beginner advice on why you should invest in lighting! [Video] [Blog Post]

    This week's video is about why you should invest in lighting, it is inspired by our experiences and what made us make the decision to purchase the lights. A notice: The video and the blogpost shows beginner advices, which we are as well. If you are pro with lighting already, then this post is...
  4. J

    Positively Manipulating Horizontal Banding

    I was recently researching some more techniques to avoid horizontal banding when I found this interview with director Claire Marie Vogel (shot music vids for Atlas Genius and Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Instead of eliminating the banding, she...
  5. J

    Positively Manipulating Horizontal Banding

    I was recently researching some more techniques to avoid horizontal banding when I found this interview with director Claire Marie Vogel (shot music vids for Atlas Genius and Red Hot Chilli Peppers). Instead of eliminating the banding, she...
  6. D

    New Book on lighting for cinematography students and filmmakers on a budget

    Hello all, I’d like to get the word out about my book, which is coming out this month. I have been teaching lighting at Fairleigh Dickinson University for the past 12 years and while there are some excellent books on cinematography out there, such as Film Lighting and Reflections, I never...
  7. jodymichelle

    Photo Pick: Peter Stein, ASC at New York Studio, Manhattan, NYC

    <span style="font-size:10px;color:#000000;font-family:verdana;">Peter Stein, ASC shares lighting techniques at the NYC Studio, Broadway/Manhattan. Sign up for the next Cinematography Workshop. <strong><a...
  8. Lilia

    Tips for exteriors lighting

    Hello everybody, i'm new in the forum. My school is really theorist; we learn analysis, history and theories around films. I like this, but i also want to learn filmmaking. So, I learn filmmaking by my own. I would like to learn some tips about lighting in exteriors. I would really appreciate...
  9. videoproduction

    HMI Lighting

    Lighting is everything! Whether it's natural sunlight, subdued ambience, perfect practicals or complex Hollywood style lighting, the image owes all of its power to light. An expensive but required type of light in most higher-end video production projects is HMI lighting. For pure lumen power...
  10. jodymichelle

    Peter Stein ASC (Steven King's "Graveyard Shift" & "Pet Sematary") -- Saturday Event!

    Peter Stein ASC (Steven King's "Graveyard Shift" & "Pet Sematary") -- Saturday Event! This is a really great networking opportunity! Peter Stein, ASC (Steven King's "Graveyard Shift" and "Pet Sematary") will be teaching the Continuing Education Cinematography Workshop "Lighting to Create a...
  11. jodymichelle

    Lighting to Create a Mood, with Peter Stein, ASC

    Announcing an exciting and unique opportunity to learn techniques of lighting from an expert in the field, Peter Stein, ASC. This event will feature a four-hour workshop led by Peter Stein, ASC. He will be demonstrating lighting techniques to achieve different "looks" and create moods with...
  12. M

    Interview Lighting, Softbox & Reflector Advice Needed

    Hi, I will be filming some interviews this weekend which are personal recollections from the past. Please could someone advise me the best way to light my subjects to create a less-corporate look and to create something more warmer without losing too much loss of light to help maintain video...
  13. R

    Using lower wattage lights

    I know that no question is stupid, but this very well could be. I have a 3 set of 800w fresnels, and as I am starting to do some research on lighting, I see the importance of different intensities. With out buying another housing, I should be able to use my current ones with a 300 watt or so...
  14. jodymichelle

    New Video Posted: Lowel Blender LED Light Brady of Lowel Light talks with StudentFilmmakers Magazine about the Lowel Blender. Perfect solution for todays 'run & gun' video lighting needs. The Blender mixes daylight and tungsten LED's for realistic location lighting and comes with a selection...
  15. P

    Outdoor reflectors/scrims and wind

    Outdoor shooting usually benefits from, or needs, one or more reflectors. Wind is often a problem, especially at some beaches, where there may be a continuous breeze. Any tips on wind-mitigation of reflectors and scrims?
  16. P

    LED Lighting

    Hi, I am a student currently doing my research dissertation which is on the future of lighting. I wondered if anyone knew what productions LED lighting has been used on or any more information on if they are the way forward as far as film lighting is concerned. Any help big or small will be...
  17. N

    Exposing 16mm

    With the Kodak 7219, how forgiving is it in the dark? Sometimes my meter won't read anything so I am wondering if the stock will actually have something show up? Also, is it good to rate the stock at like 400 instead of 500, what do you recommend to do with that on the 7219? Thank you. Nick
  18. B


    I'm filming in a restaurant this weekend--most of my shots consist of two people sitting across from each other at a white, semicircular booth. I've got standard masters and A/B shots in mind. Anybody got any good lighting tips on how to light a funny, sort of quirky conversation between two...
  19. Kim Welch

    Lighting Workshop This Weekend

    <h2>Announcing a New Series of Intensive Summer Workshops, Lectures and Q&A with Professional and Master Level Instructors including RED TECHNOLOGY. Sign up today for early bird specials. </h2> <p>View videos:<BR> <li><A href=""...
  20. B

    A good lighting generator

    hey Guys- Demetrius here I have a 26 ft box truck with around 4-tons of grip equipment. Im goingto purchase a nice lighting setup with a arri 650s 1k- 5ks and possibly a 24k. Im a director and cameraman but dont know too much about lighting except which are good to but my question...