1. Jared Isham

    Directing for Micro Budget Films

    I started a series a while ago discussing directing for micro budget films. It has since been combined with my other videos but the information might be helpful to some of you. https://youtu.be/XVv1gbZwjIM?list=PLx1dbpyku8V0VimetpyGKaRFfTrENvWxb I'll try to keep directing content posted to...
  2. Jared Isham

    Micro-Budget Filmmaking Advice

    I just posted a new channel trailer to my YouTube channel. On the channel I'm doing my best to share what I have learned making micro-budget films. So far I have done 2 features. My goal is to save you from mistakes I have made and share with you tips that has helped me along the way. Check...
  3. R

    "A Film Festival In Paradise" - call for entries

    Call for entries in the "15-Minutes of Fame" International Film Festival, in Cocoa Beach Florida..."a film festival in paradise". For films that are 30-minutes or LESS in length. We're looking for documentaries, animation, horror, drama, music videos, and family films. For details on how to...