music for motion pictures

  1. A

    Music Catalog Available for Licensing

    Our record Label has over 1,000 songs available for music licensing in Films and TV shows. Contact us if you are interested. About 80% of our catalog is most styles of Electronic Music and about 20% is Hip-Hop and R&B. Email us at Asnazzy Productions
  2. DPmusic

    Music for your Videos and for Creative Projects.

    Hi Friends! You need royalty free no copyright music for video? I may recommend this source. Stock Melodies. Best regards.
  3. M

    Music for Motion Pictures...

    Hello it's my last video, I have done the sound design and the composition.... Give me your opinion ! Thanks
  4. M

    Matbox Symphony : presentation

    Matbox-Symphony: Music For Motion Pictures Hello my name is Alban, I am 37 years old and I live in Paris. I have composed for several years, If you have some time, come on my Web site to listen to my compositions and watch my videos. You are welcome ! Please give me your opinion, it...
  5. S

    free instrumental music (indie/alternative/post rock/jazz genre)

    Hi I'm a multi-instrumentalist/composer from London. I write instrumental music in indie/alternative/post rock/jazz genre (it's always difficult to pinpoint exactly). I generally try not to use midi instruments if at all possible, so all the violin, guitars, bass, piano parts are all recorded...
  6. D

    Looking for silent short videos [UK Music Project]

    Good evening, everyone. This is not a brazen plug attempt! DefaultCollective is a production outfit / collaborative project based in London. We are releasing our debut album 'englander' on September 1st. In the run up to this date, there will be hyping up of the music with a series of small...
  7. jodymichelle

    20 Composers' Songs in the Network Featured on Front Page,

    Twenty Composers' Songs in the Filmmakers Network have been featured on the Front Page of Share your comments and feedback, and rate the songs from 1 to 5!<br><br>(Click to listen).<br><br><strong><font color="#009999">Composers Networking:<br>Featured...