1. C

    Music Composer/Producer looking for new projects producing film scores

    I am a producer/composer looking to take on new projects to expand my portfolio. I am ideally looking for projects composing and producing scores for film. I have experience within this field having produced a few scores including for dvd material on sale. Here are some examples of my work...
  2. T

    Looking for Music Composers for Bulgarian Short Future and Documentary Films

    Hello! I'm looking for music composers for Future and Documentaries films. I am in Bulgaria, but I think the distance is no problem. If you want to work together in same projects write me on skype or e-mail. We are work from the internet Skype: anatoli_kostov1248 E-mail:
  3. E

    Need music that will convey emotion in your film?

    I have a few pieces to share, and am always available to work on something from scratch to suit the vibe of your film. Lyrical or purely instrumental. Rhythmic or smooth ambient. No cost for your project as I'm building my portfolio. Contact me anytime, and you can view my site and hear some...
  4. C

    Composer here looking for new projects (yes another one!)

    Hi all! My name is Chris Davis and i'm a composer based in the UK. Although i've written extensively for stage and instrumentalists / choral groups etc - I have done relatively little film work (although several short film scores which I'm really proud of). I'm looking to expand my CV of film...
  5. LamWooStudio

    List of Composers Offering Free Services

    I've noticed that several composers have posted in various threads stating that the they are willing to offer FREE music (and sometimes even free custom scores) for low-budget / no-budget filmmakers. I think it's great that so many people are willing to offer their services to other creative...
  6. LamWooStudio

    Free background music for your non-profit projects

    Here is some free background music that you can use for non-commercial projects. I originally composed/recorded the tracks for things like documentaries, student videos, montages and video games, so I'm not sure how well they would fit with dramatic videos. You can preview all the tracks (12 so...
  7. S


    Hi, I'm a professional composer with a Bmus degree in composition. I create contemporary orchestral, rock and electronic music with lots of live instruments, high-end hardware studio and the best samples and software on the market right now. I worked with many clients as a composer and sound...
  8. D

    Music video: PENTATONES - The Devil’s Hand

    New music video for "The Devil’s Hand" by the german band PENTATONES. It's my bachelors thesis in Media Arts & Design for the cinematography & post production. Enjoy! Cheers, Dietmar
  9. D

    film composer available for work.

    My name is Darren Wonnacott, I am an award winning guitarist/composer from the United Kingdom. I compose in a range of styles, genres and for various media including FILM, TV and GAME. I have collaborated on projects with various companies/people in the film and television industry and have...
  10. C

    TRKStudios - Production Music

    Tyler Koontz Production Music Composer Demo Reel 2010 Tyler is available to score your next project! Contact him at:
  11. C

    TRKStudios - Production Music

    Tyler Koontz Production Music Composer Demo Reel 2010 Tyler is available to score your next project! Contact him at:
  12. bigdaddyross

    Free Music for Films

    Hello all, I have just uploaded another 15 songs to the existing 20 (total of 35) ROYALTY FREE SONGS for use in any film or media project as long as I get the on screen credit of "___________ by Peter John Ross, Courtesy of" in the end credits...
  13. S

    Get FREE post production Sound for Picture

    Hi There, We are at sweatshop Studios ( adding a post production sound to our roster of services and we need to build up our reel. We are looking for DPs, directors, etc. that will be willing to give us there short film to compose music, FXs, ADR etc at no charge. We...
  14. S

    Composer available, fast and reliable

    Hello everyone, my name is Daniel Berk. I am a composer from Los Angeles, Ca. I am currently looking to build relationships with directors, producers, or anyone interested in using my music in their projects. Check out my work at and let me know what you think! thanks
  15. A

    Soundtrack Composer Available

    Hi, I am an experienced composer and producer with several short film credits. I am available for free scoring for any projects that you may have. Please have a listen to my website to listen to examples of my work: If you like what you hear or would like to discuss...
  16. JulianRay

    Argonauts of Kosmos - Sci-Fi music

    Hey, Im currentky working on new music album "Argonauts of Kosmos" This is a story of starship “Argo Navis” and its mission of exploration. For this project I was need to create lots of “Space” sounds, soundscapes and textures. And I really believe, this music will give everyone feelings of...
  17. J

    High Quality Score for Your Film

    Hi, My name is Josh Green, I thought I would post a message on the forum if any directors were interested in collaborating on a future project. I am a film composer, having done work in NYC, Los Angeles, and London. I have worked on BBC and PBS Television Specials, Several films (Drama...
  18. JulianRay

    Original Music for Original Project

    If you're working on some interesting and original project and if you need original music/sounds for it - listen to my musical style, and if it's what you want for your film - contact me with your Ideas. Preferable themes: Sci-Fi, Mystique, Fantasy, Children, Nature, Tale, etc. My music...
  19. J

    Female Composer Seeks Jobs!

    Just finished my Composition Degree and looking for any kind of work, paid/unpaid. I can compose in a range of styles, very adaptable and have a distinctive feminine unique quality to my music. Check out my Myspace page: On this page are styles that I usually write in...
  20. O

    Professional Composer

    Greetings; Artist name: Oganalp Canatan Artist samples: | E-mail: oganalp (at) Skype: oganalp.canatan I am a professional composer available for soundtrack needs. I reside in Turkey but worldwide projects are welcome at the age of...