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    Nicolife: Episode 6 | SEASON FINALE!

    Check out Episode 6, our season finale of the independent comedy web series Nicolife. Runtime: 17 min 57 sec In Nicolife: Episode 6, Nicolai expresses his undying love for the dance instructor Kiri-Kiri and tragedy follows. This season finale concludes the storyline that we originally set...
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    Nicolife: Episode 5 | Nicolai reconnects with his sister Nikita

    Check out the fifth episode of the independent comedy web series Nicolife! Runtime: 18 min 31 sec In Episode 5, Nicolai reconnects with his eccentric sister Nikita. He also has a run-in with a group of thugs who come to collect an outstanding debt. During the making of Episode 5, we had the...
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    Nicolife: Episode 4 | A dark comedy about a man with communication problems

    Check out another episode of the independent comedy web series Nicolife! In Episode 4, we focus solely on the character Phil and answer some unresolved questions about him, such as: • Why doesn’t he speak? • Where does he live? • How does he spend his time when he is not following...
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    Nicolife: Episode 3 | Epic dance routine & chase scene!

    The independent comedy web series Nicolife continues! Here’s Episode 3, which is a real fun one that includes an extended dance routine, three thugs at a shady laundromat and a chase scene inspired by Point Break. :D With this episode we really had to step up our game. The shoot required many...
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    Nicolife: Episode 2 | Oatmeal Memories

    So I’d love to get your feedback on Nicolife: Episode 2, which is part of an independently produced comedy web series. Word of warning though: I’d consider it NSFW due to some mature content. Episode 2 offers plenty of awkward comedy, including a traumatic flashback to a childhood moment...
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    Nicolife: Episode 1 | A dark comedy web series

    We just finished our first season of the independent web series Nicolife. It has taken us three years to complete six episodes on a zero-budget, and we'd love to hear what you think about the show! Nicolife is a series in 6 parts that tells the story of Nicolai Travis, an attention-starved...