1. exleyal

    Seeking Help for Comedy Adventure Series

    Hello, I am looking for people who are interested in participating in an animated comedy adventure series based on the PC game Wolf Quest. I need voice actors and character controllers. Video editors are also welcome! This is unfortunately not a paid opportunity and will rely on people...
  2. R

    The Only Way is Garioch : Episode 4

    Hi All! Please watch and enjoy the latest instalment of our YouTube comedy series 'The Only Way is Garioch.' This is Part 2 of the 'How I Met Your Reel Moon' trilogy within the series. (So don't let the Part 2 bit confuse you!) All...
  3. MPatrickHeywood

    The Conversation Couch: Episode One (A New Web Series)

    The first episode of a new comedy web series. My guest and I discuss the fertility of his girlfriend's ovaries, almost expired milk, rumors of his sexuality, and much more. I'm the host, writer, and editor. I'm going to do probably one episode a...
  4. J

    need help

    HI i need help about the process to write TV series i Plane to write TV series composes of three seasons it's dramatically story can i find help
  5. B

    WANTED: creative programs for use ON AIR

    ATTN Film Students, aspiring TV Producers, Filmmakers and Inventors: IMMEDIATELY seeking NEW and CREATIVE programs to be aired on original, internet-driven TV station. FPTV is a local cable TV station in the process of launching a major internet initiative. This is YOUR CHANCE to introduce your...
  6. retrofilms

    Midnyte is Coming...

    Hey guys and gals, Just wanted to put the word out about a new web serial I'm about to start using the HD mode of the Canon HF100. I purchased a couple of these cams for my job, and they are producing this narrative web/TV show. There is already an official website up here that will detail the...