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    ‘Why Document Atrocity?’ | Video Contest | Free to Enter | Cash Prizes

    3 Generations is hosting a video contest to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. The contest is free to enter and aimed at 18-30 year olds based in North America. We invite young artists of any kind to make a short video (4 mins max) which responds...
  2. tetsudigital

    Therapy - One pill Away

    Check out our first venture into making a short film! Please leave a comment and or feedback on how we can approve. We wish to hone our craft and make enjoyable content for most people. "A woman plagued with problems tries to solve them with pills but gets a bigger experience than she...
  3. P

    ESFF Filmmaker Interviews #5 Zeynep Kececiler

    We continue our series of filmmaker interviews with the courageous documentary maker, Zeynep Kececiler. Zeynep is a Turkey-based award winning documentary-maker whose Somalia shot documentary, Miro's Journey, an amazing doc about a mother who raises her children by drug dealing in Somalia was...
  4. jacobacrow

    'The Postman' - Short Film

    Hi all, Would greatly appreciate it if you could take a look at my student short film and let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy!
  5. P


    One of our guest curators for our 2019 edition was Paul Stekler, award-winning documentary filmmaker and head of the Doc school at the University of Texas film school. Prof. Stekler’s films have won two Peabody Awards, three du Pont-Columbia University Journalism Awards, three Emmy Awards and...
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    Final Deadline for entry to the 2020 Edinburgh Short Film Festival: June 22nd!

    Featuring the best short films of 2020 at international film festivals Our 10th anniversary edition with extra screenings, awards, and new International programmes! We're also awarding prizes for Best Film, Best Animation and Best Scottish Short AND Showcasing our short films worldwide at...
  7. cinemasters

    1st Annual Tokyo Film Festival CALL FOR ENTRIES

    We are hosting our 1st Annual Tokyo CINEMASTERS Film Festival in OCT 1st 2020 at Tokyo Cine Center. Film Submissions are now open on FilmFreeway. BEST DRAMA SHORT BEST HORROR SHORT BEST ANIMATED SHORT BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE
  8. Ecarglid

    Watch this short film | Fern Hill (2019)

    Hi! I am a first time filmmaker and have made this short film. I am looking for feedback. I would love you to watch it and tell me how you find it. If you like/dislike the film, do tell me!
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    Short Film Festivals Update

    We're still open for entries for our 2020 edition which is scheduled to run Oct 22 - Nov 8th, Should circumstances change, our intention is to hold the screenings over the first available dates around that period. It's our 10th anniversary edition, with extra screenings & presenting awards for...
  10. B

    Clean Start | A #NFS60 Short Film

    Hi everybody ! I'm pleased to present a short film project we made from scratch in 24h for the the purpose of the No Film School 60 Second Challenge. It was shot in 4k with smartphone, 16/9 format. It features short extracts of Charlie Chaplin's The Kid and uses Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no.1 as...
  11. daveC

    How my first short film became a brickfilm

    Two years ago, I found myself at a very strange time in my life. I had just graduated film school, which was great (don't get me wrong). I got to walk across the stage, take a lot of pictures, wear a gown (the whole deal, right?). But after all the handshakes and after parties, it suddenly hit...
  12. G

    Hi I’m new here! Thought I’d share my latest work for feedback :)

    My name is Asher Pike, I’m very thankful for being accepted into this site. I hope to become friends with people here, to give and gain advice. I am an aspiring film director, novel writer, musical composer and editor. Just 16 as well so I really appreciate all advice and feedback on my work...
  13. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020: Awards & International Showcases!

    Our 10th anniversary special edition! Featuring the best short films of 2020 at international film festivals, AND Presenting awards and trophies for the best films selected by our juries Regular Deadline: May 22nd 2020 This year, we're also excited to be programming films and film...
  14. P

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020 Animation Awards

    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020 Now Open For Entries! International Tours & Cash Awards The 10th Anniversary edition of the ESFF with more short film screenings in Edinburgh, A dedicated Animation Sunday, International Film Festival showcases, trophies, cash prizes and awards including Best...
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    Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2020 Now Open For Entries! International Tours & Awards

    The 10th Anniversary edition of the ESFF with more short film screenings in Edinburgh, International Film Festival showcases, trophies, cash prizes and awards! We're also excited to be programming showcases of our best films for our 2020 partners: Adriatic Film Festival Stop Motion Montreal...
  16. ScoutFilmFest

    Filmmakers 24 and Under Submit Your Short and Feature Length Films!

    Scout Film Festival returns for its fourth year from April 16-18, 2020! We are honored and delighted to announce that this year’s event will be hosted by the iconic Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), a breathtaking waterfront art museum and exhibition space located in Boston, Massachusetts...
  17. TRIPART studio

    EDGE (Short movie)

    The blind pursuit of the perfection of body brings unexpected results to the girl.
  18. Musicaljlb

    Looking for a talented NYC/NJ based student film director.

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for a talented student film director in NYC/NJ for a short film project (6 minutes) with a quick turn around. Filming begins next week on or around May 30, 31st with a completion date of June 8th. Some really amazing potential to have your work seen by great people...
  19. Indy Film Library

    New review: Disparue [Gone] 2019

    The theme of false memories and imaginary (or are they) families is a staple of the thriller genre – and I might add, one of my least favourite tropes. When dealt with in mainstream Hollywood, it is usually handled so ham-fistedly, that the director might as well be bludgeoning you over the head...
  20. mindscreen

    Nine Months Course in Cinematography @ MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE

    MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE 4, Ranga Lane, Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600004 Ph: +91 44 42108682 / 24996417/Mobile: +91 9841612595 Web: E-mail: ADMISSIONS OPEN! MFi Launch its NINE MONTHS COURSE IN CINEMATOGRAPHY from May 2019 to January...