1. J

    Win $2500 Short film competition

    Submit your 3-5 minute short for “The Set-Up” short film Competition and compete for a cash prize and a Feature Film deal. The deadline is February 16th, 2020. For More Details :
  2. B

    SHADOW CREEK Short horror film

    This is a short horror film me and friends made, we uploaded it to our YouTube channel BACKROW Productions, any feedback and criticism would be appreciated :) Link to our movie:
  3. ruanlotter

    The Piano (3 min Short Film)

    Heya, Just want to share our short film (The Piano) which we did for the My Rode Reel short film competition. We shot this over two nights at our office and used a Blackmagic 4K Production camera to shoot it with :) Comments are welcome! Thanks, Ruan
  4. S

    SURPRISE SURPRISE Film Challenge: Week 3

    Check out our most recent films, vote for your favorite, and then get started on this week's 2 minute challenge!
  5. ruanlotter

    RetroBouchon - Horror Short Film

    Hello people, The Promo video for our horror short film, RetroBouchon, which is currently in production is now online! We are also running an online crowd funding campaign. For more details click here: Thanks for watching and please help us spread the...
  6. T

    TeamBay - my way shortfilm

    A new shortfilm is finally finished. This shortfilm is dedicated to my girlfriend as a birthday present. Finally, I managed to make a youtube version out of it. The film is about how I overcome several obstacles to make my way to her. Even if there are a lot insiders I hope that you all have...