1. sonnyboo

    feature length documentary on making an indie film on AMAZON PRIME!

    Our feature length documentary about making the Ohio based Nazi Zombie/Werewolf movie HORRORS OF WAR(US)/NAZI ZOMBIES (Sweden)/ZOMBIES OF WAR (UK) is now on AMAZON PRIME! Watch for free with Prime! Robot Check 4.7 stars! oh my!
  2. sonnyboo

    What is a Producer?

    the Sonnyboo Podcast looks at the various titles of "Producer"
  3. bigdaddyross

    The Sonnyboo Intern Program [video]

    What is working at Sonnyboo really like? See what our intern goes through on an average day.... We're doing a series of blogs about pre-production and planning on Accidental Art, our upcoming feature in 2011.
  4. bigdaddyross

    Free Downloads for Filmmakers has recently re-vamped it’s free downloads for filmmakers and there is a ton of completely free, yet very helpful tools for anyone making movies. MUSIC – 40 completely and truly Royalty Free Songs for production. You don’t need...
  5. bigdaddyross

    Free Music for Films

    Hello all, I have just uploaded another 15 songs to the existing 20 (total of 35) ROYALTY FREE SONGS for use in any film or media project as long as I get the on screen credit of "___________ by Peter John Ross, Courtesy of" in the end credits...
  6. bigdaddyross

    Accidental Art, shot on the RED camera

    ACCIDENTAL ART 5 min A married woman's affair with the repairman takes an odd twist with her art work. On Vimeo on Youtube: Shot with the RED ONE by cinematographer Greg Sabo starring Tamara Reynolds, Bryan Michael...
  7. bigdaddyross

    HOUSE M.D. finale shot on DSLR Just watched the episode and I was floored. I'm a big fan of the show already and they shoot 35mm with Panavision cameras and lenses. In full HD glory, I could not tell this was any different. Of course, they have big time color...
  8. bigdaddyross

    BTS of Accidental Art (Red shoot) A behind the scenes peek at Sonnyboo Production's RED shoot, ACCIDENTAL ART, an upcoming short film, premiering at the Beverly Hills Shorts Film Festival in March 2010. BEHIND THE SCENES shot by Brandy Seymour and Sean...
  9. bigdaddyross

    Relationship Card™ ® © A couple tries to work out their emotional credit crisis. Now an AWARD WINNING SHORT FILM!, BEST CONCEPT from the BEST OF UNDERNEATH CINCINNATI FILM FESTIVAL, and BEST MINI MOVIE from the INDEPENDENT'S FILM FESTIVAL in Florida. Starring George Caleodis and Amanda...