sound design

  1. Cathbad

    Cathbad Music

    Greetings! After many years as a symphony and studio musician (including a few TV and film scores), I'm turning more and more to composing and sound designing. A few examples in various styles are on my website Here's something to start with... If you like any of my...
  2. ThisGuyEdits

    Sundance-award film sound mixer reveals the power of sound editing, design, & mixing.

    Sundance-award film sound mixer reveals the power of sound editing, design, & mixing. Ugo Derouard is a Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor and has been successfully working in Hollywood since 2006. Over his career, Ugo has worked with A-List Directors and Music Composers, on...
  3. A

    Looking to score a unique student project!

    Hello! I am looking to work on a student or indie production. It can be a short or feature. I am excited to experment with new hybrid sounds. Heres a link to my site: Feel free to contact me at
  4. M

    Minds Eye Soundscape - Emerald Sea

    This project of mine involves telling a story without visual representation, simply by using sound effects to guide the listeners perception of the events. This is the first production Emerald Sea, please have a listen and if you have time I would love some feedback in the link in the comments...
  5. C

    Sound Designer_Post Production_Composition looking for extensive collaboration

    Hi everyone, I've joined the forum to make new connections and get involved in serious projects as Sound Designer/Composer and Engineer, thus, if any of you will need for sounds and music implementation please feel free to drop me a message via e-mail at: I am not...
  6. S

    Sound Design Projects

    Here at Sound Design Leeds We are always on the lookout for exciting new animators to collaborate with. If the project is exciting and forward thinking enough we have worked for no fee in the past ;) Andy Thomson
  7. Kostas Loukovikas

    Testing a contact mic on my cat

    Testing my new contact mic on my cat. You're listening to her soft vibrant sound while she's purring out of pleasure and gradually falling into sleep. Not quite satisfied though by the outcome. Had to cut a lot of mid-high frequencies due to some noise factors caused by the mic placement, so...
  8. Kostas Loukovikas

    Celestial Terra Memories | Timelapse Video

    Missioned to compose the musical theme for this short timelapse movie created by Agis Kothalis, a passionate amateur astronomer, mastermind of The Astronomy Club of East Macedonia in Greece. The whole video is filmed in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Purpose of this, is to highlight the natural...
  9. Kostas Loukovikas

    Field Recording Competition - Winning Sounds

    Field Recording Competition 1 - Winners This is one of the 10 sounds won at Field Recording Competition 1 run by Tim Prebble (composer, sound Designer, HISSandaROAR sound libraries). Reed a small description of how each sound designer...
  10. Kostas Loukovikas

    Sound Logo designed from graffiti sprays

    Hey guys, here's a special and intriguing project that I got into, missioned to design the sound logo of the stencil-based label ADULT. Special because it's running by a friend and intriguing because the sound theme composed only from graffiti spray samples we recorded in the studio in order to...
  11. Steve

    'Interface Sound Effects: Futuristic Beeps and Buttons' Sound Library

    Bluezone Corporation proudly presents 'Interface Sound Effects: Futuristic Beeps and Buttons', a new easy-to-use collection of 150 sound effects ready to be injected in your sci-fi movies, video game and multimedia projects without having to worry about any additional licencing fees. 'Interface...
  12. A

    In need of music for your film? READ

    Hello, I'm a composer looking for some film projects to work with. You can hear some of my music here: I'm experienced in sound design, orchestral scoring, sound effects, programming and more! If you have any questions or are interested? Contact me...
  13. A

    Anthony John Gabriel - Composer

    Hello, I'm an experienced composer with a vast range of composing work under my belt. i'm looking to write for short films, adverts etc. You can listen to some of my work here: If you are interested or have any questions, please contact me...
  14. B

    A short Digital video

    A small video created with AE The sound was made before the pictures. Good day
  15. Steve

    Orbital Transmission: Sci-Fi Sound Effects & Soundscapes

    Bluezone Corporation is proud to present 'Orbital Transmission: Sci-Fi Sound Effects & Soundscapes'. With sounds of UFO landing, alien atmosphere, alarm, extra-terrestrial communication and intrusive spacecraft, this fascinating sound library will take you into a new audio dimension. In addition...
  16. slider_alt

    In Desperate Need of a Sound Designer

    Hi, my name is Anthony Thurman and currently I’m looking for a sound designer to do the sound design on an 18 minute animated short film entitled “The Depression of Detective Downs 2: On Depression’s Edge" (The first 9 minutes of the film don't require as much work as the last 9 minutes). I...
  17. Steve

    Dark Atmosphers & SFX 01 Royalty Free Sample Pack Available

    Dark Atmospheres & SFX 01 is a new collection designed in the studios of Bluezone. This new sound bank offers a lot of possibilities for sound creation for films, TV, Soundtrack and video games, and can be used in styles such as Breaks, Dubstep, Grime, Drum and Bass, Downtempo, Ambient...
  18. K

    Student composer/sound designer looking for portfolio work (Free)

    Hello, This is my first thread, and post! So hello everyone. I'm currently looking for films, games, anything motion based that needs audio weather that be Foley FX, Music or Ambiance. I'm looking to do this for free and add it to a portfolio that I am making. All are welcome whether it be...
  19. Kim Welch

    Sound Design - The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema

    Sound Design - The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema by David Sonnenschein The clash of light sabers in the electrifying duels of Star Wars. The chilling bass line signifying...