1. C

    NASA & HCAS present CineSpace - CALL FOR WORKS

    CALL FOR WORKS CINESPACE 2016 NASA Imagery – Your Vision Presented by NASA & Houston Cinema Arts Society AN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION OF SHORT FILMS, VIDEOS, AND DIGITAL WORKS (10 minutes or less) USING IMAGERY FROM SPACE. Submissions: Opens June 1, 2016 Deadline: July 31, 2016 Submission...
  2. H

    Fifth Annual Herman Miller Student Video Contest

    Why Does Your Campus Matter?[/B] Can you make the [B]case for space in a world where technology and online courses allow you to learn anything, anywhere, anytime? Using your video camera and your imagination, show us why students continue to be drawn to campuses for learning and interaction...
  3. JulianRay

    Argonauts of Kosmos - Sci-Fi music

    Hey, Im currentky working on new music album "Argonauts of Kosmos" This is a story of starship “Argo Navis” and its mission of exploration. For this project I was need to create lots of “Space” sounds, soundscapes and textures. And I really believe, this music will give everyone feelings of...