stop motion

  1. ruanlotter

    *PG* Barbie Stop Motion - Keeping Up With The Koekemoers

    Heya all -* Keeping Up With The Koekemoers is a South African, Barbie stop motion web series - We are currently on Episode number 2! Have a look and feel free to let us know what you think! Thanks for watching :)
  2. SuperDaddyTV

    Charlie Butters: Floor Burgers Stop Motion Short Film

    The misadventures of Charlie Butters is a cartoon series we are currently working on releasing. This is episode one entitled, "Floor Burgers." Charlie is sort of a clumsy fellow always meaning well but due to his clumsiness often gets himself in trouble. This series is one of many we will be...
  3. K

    Plays In My Head - stop motion clip

    you guys got to see this one! Artist\Singer: Shlomi Mendel Clip made by Arie Shusterovich:
  4. Beau

    Skiing thru Seattle Stop Motion

    1,700 photos taken. ...this is what happens when Washington DC steals all your snow. Skiing thru Seattle (My 1st Stop Motion... a little clunky, but next time we'll rock it.) My buddy and I made this one afternoon. My favorite response from a...
  5. T

    Twisted Art

    Here is a link to my latest amateur film, for a competition. The more views, the better! Thanks for watching.