1. T

    Amber - Psychological Thriller Short Film (would love feedback)
  2. T

    Amber - Psychological Thriller Short Film (would love feedback)
  3. A

    Think Your Story is Something Special? Submit Your Work to the Austin Film Festival!

    The AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL is currently accepting submissions for the 2015 Film Competition! Known as “The Writer’s Festival” since its inception 22 years ago, AFF celebrates films built on strong storytelling. We recognize the importance of the creator at the core of filmmaking and screens the...
  4. L

    Lone Star Film Festival: One of the "50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee"

    The Lone Star Film Festival in Fort Worth, TX has been named one of the “50 Film Festivals Worth the Entrance Fee” by MovieMaker magazine for the 3rd consecutive year! In 2014, our festival featured a...
  5. R

    Free prize draw for university students

    Hi, we were invited by student film makers to post this FREE prize draw. #ZDEvents supply technical production for various clients in the UK and internationally. As part of our 'giving back' campaign we are offering a years supply of yummy snacks to 4 winning university students across the...
  6. C

    Insight Film Festival launches new Curation Scheme

    If you have made a film on the subject of faith, you may be interested in the Insight Film Festival's Curation Scheme. The best films entered will receive a certificate of commendation and be eligible for screening at events around the world. For more information, visit our website...
  7. C

    Insight Film Festival > Student Film Award 2014 winner announced … and more

    Dear Student Filmmakers, The pilot competition for the Student Film Award hosted by the Insight Film Festival has now been judged and the winner announced. The prize is stunning -- a six-week internship with a film production company in Hollywood -- which begins today. You can read more about...
  8. erichasocd

    Palm Bay blows (episode #3) - My new web series

    Here is the 3rd episode to my new web series 'Palm Bay Blows'. Consists of skits, interviews and whatever else I filmed. All shot in Palm Bay, FL. Used a Canon Rebel T3i. Let me know what you think! Written, Directed & Edited by me...
  9. M

    Student filmmaker/film team needed!

    Film Student Needed! The Maryland State Boychoir Looking to finish a film project for school? Or, need another completed project in your portfolio? We (The Maryland State Boychoir in Baltimore, MD) are looking for a film student to make a short film about our choir! General length is 5-7...
  10. MPatrickHeywood

    The Conversation Couch: Episode One (A New Web Series)

    The first episode of a new comedy web series. My guest and I discuss the fertility of his girlfriend's ovaries, almost expired milk, rumors of his sexuality, and much more. I'm the host, writer, and editor. I'm going to do probably one episode a...
  11. YoungCuts

    YoungCuts Film Festival Call for Submissions

    The YoungCuts Film Festival (est. 2001) presents Great Short Films by The World's Best Young Filmmakers 25 & Under. Every year, our judges review the work of thousands of young filmmakers from more than 30 countries to pick our top 100. Our deadline is June 15th, we announce...
  12. C

    Seeking Location in LA area

    Hey all I'm currently hunting for a retirement/assisted living home that maybe has worked with students in the past? Has anyone tried to shoot in a place that is similar or gotten one to work with them? Also just as a general question: What are your experiences with location scouting? Thanks...
  13. Grototote

    Hilarious Harry Potter Chinpressions!

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Collaborative piece with my brother Parody Chinpressions of Harry Potter and Voldemort in the final battle sequence, with a strange appearance by a bearded wizard and some...
  14. Grototote

    Subjective Expressions Trailer

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> My first feature film is currently in post-production, please enjoy the trailer! We raised all the funds online and shot it over...
  15. H

    Homeless Short Film - Make A Change

    Hey guys, this is a little simple short film I did yesterday that tackles the issue of homelessness. It's all about the message =]
  16. O

    The Present (Short Festival Winner) Check out link 48 hour limit to films - to use however we saw fit. Please leave comments - Cheers!
  17. D

    U.S. Transportation Video Contest- Win an iPad!

    The American Road and Transportation Builders Association, a non-profit trade association located in Washington, DC has just announced this film contest for students to examine any aspect of the transportation system in the United States. The prize for the top two entries is an Apple iPad...
  18. A

    Taste Of Loneliness (student short film)

    Hey guys, just found this site and honestly wish I found it a while ago haha... But I guess its better late than never ;) Anyways, here is a short film I directed about a year ago when I was 17 and still in highschool. Enjoy and let me know what you think...
  19. A

    Lost In Your Shadows (First Highschool Short Film Ever Directed)

    Well although this was created almost 2 years ago, I'm kinda interested in anybody's thoughts on it, if any... I've improved a ton as you can see in my latest work, (and obviously still growing as a filmmaker) but I'm just wondering what anybody else thought of my first attempt... It was shot...
  20. T

    The Secret Interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald!

    This is a short film created by just 3 high school students for a final project and is really quite impressive considering the lack of materials available to them. Please follow this link to view the video on youtube and feel free to comment with advice for their future endeavors! Thanks and...