1. B

    [short film] THE VIEW 2016

    You never know who's watching you...
  2. M

    Meet the Day - Independent Feature from Sweden

    Hi everyone, Today we're releasing the feature film "Meet the Day" via Bittorrent Bundle for free. Along with the bundle comes the official soundtrack from the film and a high-res poster. Just follow the link to download or stream: A man...
  3. M

    Film shot by a SINGLE GUY

    I've ALWAYS wanted to be a filmmaker. The problem is, I suffer from panick attacks and a pretty severe case of social phobia. I don't get out of my house often, and I certainly don't surround myself with people. Which makes it pretty darn hard to make movies... This is the story of how I went...
  4. G

    VIPER (A Hitchcockian Thriller)

    The Viper is coming... Watch VIPER Here... A lone criminal, hiding in a safe house, is terrorized by a mysterious caller. This short film draws inspiration from the cinematic stylings of Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg and 'The Twilight Zone.' This short was shot in 2 days on the Canon 5D...
  5. H

    Horror Film Project

    Please check out these pages for a Horror short I'm producing. We're trying to build a fanbase and gain some awareness about it. Your interest would be greatly appreciated. The film is called Hear No Evil and it is is a short horror film about a lovely deaf woman who is stalked in her own home...
  6. ArcadiaVideo

    Creepy short - 'Deviant'

    DEVIANT is a creepy and stylish short film about a serial prowler. This version has had a scene removed as the uncut version proved to be a bit too much for the folks at YouTube. Hope you all enjoy it. D E V I A N T