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    Looking for thoughts on my first video: Australia in 3 minutes

    Hello everyone, I am new here and recently got into learning videography and filmmaking. I am primarily interested in creating travel content, here is my first attempt from my trip to Australia: Any feedback at all is appreciated! I definitely learned a lot from my first project, such as...
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    Costa Rica in 4k - Mavic Air, Lumix g80, Ak2000 gimbal

    Hey there, Finally I had some time to finish my travel-video from Costa Rica. A lot of these shots are from my Lumix g80 camera, the AK2000 Gimbal from Feiyu Tech and the Mavic Air drone, which luckly survived some pretty risky sittuations.... But well, I think it has worth it. What do you...
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    Wildlife Cinematograhy Course in Peruvian Amazon

    The first of its kind, this workshop on wildlife cinematography is taught by Emmy award winner Robin Cox and Keshav Sishta in conjunction with Field Projects International and Primates Peru in the Amazonian rainforests of Peru. Be one of the first eight applicants to register to receive the...
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    cinematography oppurtunity overseas

    Iam a student filmmaker currently in the scriptwriting stage of an upcoming fiction film on video. Iam looking to collaborate with an enthused, passionate and energetic cinematographer who is willing to travel in the upcoming months to Pakistan. It will be an opportunity for those who are...