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    Looking for thoughts on my first video: Australia in 3 minutes

    Hello everyone, I am new here and recently got into learning videography and filmmaking. I am primarily interested in creating travel content, here is my first attempt from my trip to Australia: Any feedback at all is appreciated! I definitely learned a lot from my first project, such as...

    fika: to have coffee – a Web Documentary Series

    Dear filmmaker community, I would like to inform you about the upcoming release of the web documentary series fika: to have coffee, which might be of interest to you. In six episodes, the series will make an attempt at portraying the popular Swedish ritual of fika, a small but essential part...
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    Shoot a video about traveling and win flight tickets! :)

    Hello guys, I'm writing this to invite you all to participate in a great film/traveling project based on crowdsourcing philosophy. What to do to participate? Check if your city is on our list, shoot a short video about this city, no matter if you live there or just visit it. Just make sure...
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    Leica Inquiry

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum, as well as film making for the most part. I'm looking to get started and have been trying to find an entry level camera that suits my needs. I currently don't have much knowledge regarding video. I have a fairly limited budget but will be going to Thailand at the...