13 Page Psychological Horror script available


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OK, here’s the deal. I have an 13 page, dark-humored, psychological horror properly formatted script called, HOUSE RULES, available to anyone for the asking who would want to film it. This would run about 10 minutes when filmed and is easy to do with three people, (i.e., one guy and two girls) and two basic sets being, a car in a garage (with a trunk, and, a living room area.

It deals with a deviant but likeable guy (LEX) who carries out the advice of his therapist to simply “get a hobby—maybe collect something” by kidnapping a girl (BRITTNEE) whom he brings home to torment and eventually kill.

Dex gets his sassy victim out of the car trunk, into the house and properly restrained, then casually has a beer. He’s is in the process of starting some debauchery with his latest acquisition when his wife DEB comes home from work early. Yikes! She sees what has happened and rants at Lex. She’s pissed off--not because he’s kidnapped an innocent, unsuspecting woman, but because he didn’t use a coaster for his beer—seems that’s a “HOUSE RULE” with Deb.

With that issue settled, the two turn their attention to Brittnee and discuss what they plan to do with her—none of which, bids well for the poor captive. As Brittnee’s fate is finalized and her demise approaches, she demands to at least know why they are doing this to her? Deb leans in close and tells her firmly that the reason is simple, “Cute girls, with cute names, just gotta’ die-------House Rules.”


As for the story, yeah, addmittedly this is a tad exploitative but so what? It’s a great excuse to get a cute down to her sexy undies and there is a storyline and, a tie-in tag dialogue line at the end which goes back to the title.

If you’d like to see something else I’ve done, go to www.spike.com and search for the title REALITY TO THE MAX. It’s a 12 minute caper that has a similar misguided sociopathic couple who try to cash in on the reality TV craze by filming a pilot to pitch to network execs about how easy it is to lure everyday women into a trap. Their first filming does not go well as they tend to cast their victims against their will.

Or, you can go to youtube and search for WORSE THAN A BAD HAIR DAY and see a segment about a pompous, uptight, power dressed lady realtor who crosses paths with a tough street girl on the run from a drug deal gone bad who needs a wardrobe change to get past the punk thugs who are looking for her.

I write under the name Megan Myers but you can contact me at:


for any additional questions or details. Again, I love to write and get things produced so this short is being offered free gratis to anyone who is willing to film it.