$15,000 Allstate Insurance: The Future of Insurance Sci-Fi Video Project on Tongal


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$15,000 Allstate Insurance: The Future of Insurance Sci-Fi Video Project on Tongal.com

Tongal and Allstate Insurance are asking you to imagine life in the year 2030…what will you be eating, wearing, driving and, most pertinently, how will insurance work? Even if your car can fly, is powered by liquefied garbage and comes standard with autopilot, twenty years from now, people will still own and operate personal vehicles. Thus, we will still need insurance from a reputable company with great customer service. How will we use and interact with insurance products, services and processes?

You must select one of the 5 winning Stories and make a 30 to 90 second futuristic Science Fiction Short based upon it. You can, but do not have to literally interpret every element of the Story. Think of it as a framework that you should work within. Be creative, capture the essence, know the goal, and have fun with it.

The five best videos will receive cash awards with a 1st place prize of $5,000. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your filmmaking skills for a Fortune 100 company. For more information, visit: http://tongal.com/project/allstate

Specs: $15,000 prize pool, 30 – 90 second video, 13+ years old, deadline: December 13th, 2010

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