2 Exclusive music cues From Sci-fi Movie Deployment Strategy

Chris Haigh

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For a while I have been scoring the soundtrack for a Sci-fi movie I got involved in a while back, (Deployment Strategy) which i met the director (Mark Cheng) on this forum,and now I'm glad to say we are great friends thanks to this forum. Its been a great experience and I'm so proud to be apart of Marks film.

Anyway I've just posted 2 tracks on my website http://www.cphproductions.co.uk
these are exclusive tracks that i wanted to let u guys (if ur interested) have a listen to, because for one the film isn't even finished yet (in very final stages of post production) and two the soundtrack is not fully complete yet. (all music is written just not all fully mixed and mastered).

I do have to apologise, the tracks are streamed from my site (on the News Page) this is for copyright reasons, but they are only small files (no bigger than 3mb) MAJOR CONFRONTATION and MECH ATTACK

Anyway I would really appreciate any comments u guys have and thanks so much for taking the time to listen.
its good to be back

Kindest Regards Chris Haigh


it's sooooo cooooooooool!!! that's my unbiased opinion!!! great job chris!!!! i wanna go join the homeland security cyber crime corps now and kick some mech ass!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Welch

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both of you have done a great job

both of you have done a great job

both of you have done a great job - thank you for the good things you bring to the forums, magazine and the filmmaking community in general.