2 Very Different Question


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Hello I have to very different question one pertaining to electric and the other filmstock.

First what should you use when filming outside right when the sun is gone but the sky is not quite dark yet? Do you use tug. to get the blue hue or daylight balanced film?

Second what do you need when working with lights above 2k on location? I'm a student so lets say I rented a 6,000 watt genie and a 4k HMI. Do I need a 60amp box plugged into the genie with a bates connection?
Generally I use 500T stock for magic hour scenes because often you are asked to shoot until there is no more usable light, so you may start out at an f/5.6 but end up wide open by the last take.

But if you weren't going to be shooting until the last dregs of light, and wanted a warmer tone, not a deep blue twilight look, I'd use 250D stock.

As for what plugs, boxes, cable, and distro to use on a genny, that's a question for a gaffer or electrician.