$5,250 Nooka Freestyle Animation + Video Project on Tongal.com


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$5,250 Nooka Freestyle Animation + Video Project on Tongal.com

Tongal and Nooka are teaming up and looking to you to come up with Nooka’s new brand video. Nooka was founded in 2005 with the singular goal of telling time in a more intuitive way. Since then, the company has developed an entire line of accessories including watches, wallets, fragrances, belts, and eyewear inspired by that Mindstyle.

The mission of this project is to create a 60-second animated or live-action brand video that represents the Nookafesto. This is a freestyle project, so you can submit anything as long as it fits the project description and does not exceed the 60-second time limit.

Nooka is giving away $5,250 dollars in cash and merchandise as compensation. In addition to the six listed prizes, each qualifying entrant will receive a gift code for a 20% discount at the Nooka online store. Check out the official project page here for more details. http://tongal.com/project/nooka

Specs: $5,250 prize pool, 60 second animation or video, 13+ years old, deadline: November 22nd, 2010

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