A free song for your marketing or short film?


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Hi my name is Kristian and I'm an audio producer mainly making darker musical compositions as well as audio restoration work.

I just recently added a couple of shorter, not so dark and modestly priced music clips on my website. These songs goes well with vignettes, short films and marketing videos primarily.

Since this is is Student Filmmakers, and the the economy that goes with that, I thought a nice gesture as a first post would be to offer a free song - for a limited time - for those who could make use of one of the items on my site: http://www.kristiangrundstrom.se/background_music/

Choose a song and PM me and I'll give you the download details.

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Kim Welch;n49265 said:
Welcome! You're services are interesting. Can you give us tips for getting good sound? What about if we use cameras that don't have great sound? What do you suggest?
Thanks Kim! I hope I can serve a purpose to some. :)

When I do foley, dialogue or certain sound effects my go to microphone is the Rode NTG-3 with a classic Zoom H4n recorder actually. I wouldn't record outdoor dialogue without a super cardioid mic unless I left mine behind.

1. a) The super obvious tips first: get the mic as close to the subject as possible without digital distorsion/clipping. b) Avoid too hot of a signal into your recorder/camera. Check your meters for clipping. Most audio software (like Pro Tools, Logic, I'm sure Adobe Audition as well) have a huge headroom to work with so you don't have to push it. Stay away from the red meter.

2. Get a decent super cardioid or lav mic if you can afford it. if you have a high noise floor with the camera's built-in audio converters (ie. noisy recordings) a used hand recorder like the H4n does a decent jobb for its price tag! There are several alternatives of such recorders and the used market on audio equipment is massive so a good deal is not far away.

3. If you have to record in a smaller empty space try to dampen the surroundings. If you clap your hands in a small space you can hear how long the reverb tail is and that is a good indication on how much dampening might be needed. Besides thick carpets and softer material on the walls you can also make an extra measure by placing thicker fabrics on the ceiling above the subject if possible. High frequencies bounces pretty good between the floor and ceiling.

4. Bass bounces around greatly in room corners so in a bassy environment try to avoid the corners.

5. A lot of hum and noise from fans can be reduced with a simple EQ:ing. Around 50-60Hz is a lot of that low hum located. Cutting out at least some of the bass is a good start. If you want to step up a notch in your audio editing game you can download try putting a Gate plugin on your dialogue track. With a gate you can set a threshold for when the audio from the dialogue gets lower - this means the background noise gets more apparent when subject stops talking - the gate automatically lowers all volume on that track. Use moderately!

I hope it was something like this you asked for? :)
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