Actor showreel service at discount prices

Message to all actors and actresses,

I’m offering a special service where I can create a special scene catered to you. I know sometimes it can be difficult finding the roles you want as an actor, and sometimes the problem is because you don’t have the right footage for your showreel.
Which is why I can create a scene that would be perfect for you, that really shows off your acting skills and aims at getting you the roles that you really want.
Please check out my website for examples of my work
I have full professional equipment, the same used on my own short films which have been presented at film festivals worldwide.

Please let me know if you are interested and if you have any questions.


There will be discounts, till the end of May.

This is the film made last year by myself, Consuelo: ( ) used the same camera that would be used for your scene, the film was internationally acclaimed, being shown at 17 film festivals and won best film at the BFI.