**Adequate** Editing Computers


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I'm gonna be taking some production courses the next couple semesters and might be doing some editing work, which means its also time to upgrade from my 5 year old Dell notebook with its so-hot-it-could-be-a-foreman-grill power supply. :D

The quandry I'm stuck with is PC or Mac. I'd ideally like to get a notebook and a desktop but I'll only be able to afford one for now. I can score the MacBook pretty cheap with a student discount or finance a Mac Pro until I'm 30.

PC wise, I'm clueless. Any particular specs to look for? Which would be considered requisite and which optional? AMD vs. Intel? Minimal vid card & processor speeds? I appreciate whatever anyone has to offer. Thanks!



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The Mac has an advantage of being able to run windows XP (Vista too, probably) in addition to being a Mac.

Avid runs on both, Premiere does the same and FCP runs on Mac only. So you do get more editing software options on a Mac but if you're going that way with a laptop you should get a Macbook Pro.

On the PC side HP makes very good quality workstation level laptops. Check out their website.


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As you say "adequate" and "might be doing some editing" I concur - get the new Macbook Pro... it'll run Final Cut Express (a lot of "bang" for the buck), Pro, Premiere and I believe - Avid. Technology is moving so fast, ZOOOM - it just changed... I suggest adding an external Raid 0 drive via the express 34 slot for the media that you capture. (Avoid using the USB and Fire Wire bus(s) for external drives) - However you do it... don't capture Video Files to the MAC HD/C: drive with the OS and Apps.

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FW 800 on a Mac Powerbook or MacBook Pro is fine for editing video. You only need RAID for higher end HD editing. And RAID 1 or 5 at that. It's too easy to lose data on a RAID 0.